Always tweaking something!


Day 2072

Well, Europe is once again Cindy-less.  Her flight left 130 minutes late, but it did leave.  For their return trip, their group got split in two.  One half was routed through DC and was slated to arrive here around 11pm.  The other half was routed through Chicago and was due in at 11:30.  The Chicago group left on time, the DC group did not.

The DC (Cindy’s) group HAD a 2:27 layover.  With their delay, in spite of the pilot no doubt putting the whip to his horses, the layover is now estimated to be 28 minutes.  I’m having trouble imagining that they an get their bags and get through customs in 28 minutes.  Sine they are on the last flight of the day from Dulles to Rochester, maybe they’ll hold the flight for them.  Maybe.

So my bachelorhood is quickly coming to an end.  What did I do to celebrate?  Washed both vehicles and did an oil & filter change in each.  Also have the bed sheets in the laundry.  Was hoping to dry them out on the line, but today’s drizzly weather is putting a damper (or dampness) on that.  We’ll just have to make do with nice clean sheets.  Tough, I know.

Drizzly weather also means no chance of sneaking out for a bike ride.  Instead, I’ll have to behave and get the 4th bedroom ready for guests later this week.  Right now, I nee to go hop in the shower and get this garage floor crud off me.  Then it’s off to the store to hunt for dinner and pick up a prescription for Cindy.  I just don’t know what I want for dinner tonight.  Something Chinese is sounding good.

Ok now.  Cleaned up, stocked up.  Dinner is going to be some home-made Asian-style concoction.  Stir fried chicken & veggies over a bed of rice.  I have a garlic sauce handy, or I could just do a wine reduction – if I had wine.  Oops, I forgot, that ‘evaporated’ a couple weeks ago.  Guess it’s going to be garlic sauce with a bit of low sodium soy sauce tossed in.

Update on UA 925 – arrival is now 9:14.  Better yet, the connecting flight to Rochester has been delayed 65 minutes, leaving them about 100 minutes to get through customs.  Easy, right?


Later now

The itinerary I have apparently has the wrong flight listed coming out of DC.   My copy says Flt 7473 from Dulles to Rochester.  United Airlines says that flight goes from Richmond Va. to Chicago.  The last flight out of Dulles to here is at 10:15pm and so far, is not delayed.  Gonna be a fun night.  I’m going to go nap.


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