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Losing Count

Day 2065?

See the post time down below? Yeah, I’m sleeping that well. At least I didn’t have to get to work in the morning.

Thought when Cindy went to Europe she’d be ok since they were initially flying into Munich. That part of the trip went fine. They were flying the day that volcano in Iceland blew it’s top, but were well south of the ash plume. They’re not so lucky on the return leg. They’re taking a hop from Madrid to London’s Heathrow Airport before flying back here through Chicago. Yes, Chicago, then another hop back east to Rochester. Any wonder the airlines are bleeding money?

Anyhow, that flight out of Heathrow is in jeopardy. It’s still a week off, things may change. Of course, things may not change in time. Guess they’ll burn that bridge when they get to it.

Weather here was good enough in the afternoon to head out for a little ride. I got badly fooled though. In our neighborhood, we are very sheltered from the wind. I can look out back, see no movement in the trees or bushes. Fat of the matter is there could be 15 – 20 mph winds out in the open. That’s sort of what happened today. Looked out back – very calm. Stood in the driveway to gauge the heat – felt like nearly 50. And still no wind. Went inside & dressed – bike shorts, t-shirt with a biking jersey over the top. Even wore socks. Helmet, riding gloves, thought I’d be fine.

Things were peachy for all of a ¼ mile. That’s when I got out of our neighborhood and really hit the elements. There was enough breeze that normal, non-Perkins sized flags were standing straight out. What’s that, at least 15mph? I dunno. It sucks mightily when you’re pedaling directly into it, I do know that.

My route started out west (bad), then turned south for a good bit (wicked sidewinds), then turned back west and up hill. I made up my mind I wanted to try humping it over a couple local hills (specifically, glacial drumlins) that’s about the best we have locally for climbing practice. I came down off the second hill about 9.5 miles into my ride. I had planned on heading south a little further to ride over a series of drumlins that form a nice set of rollers, but temps & time made me change my mind. Besides, I’d been riding into or across the wind for all 9+ miles so far, it was time for some tail wind.

It was really, really nice riding down wind. It was even nicer passing a whole line of car that got stopped by a train. I got to scootch along to the beginning of the line just as the gates opened to let traffic through. All those cars passed me back, but it still felt good passing al of them.

When I got home, I took a quick look at my speedo and noted the distance traveled. Then I grabbed it, slid it out of the mount and promptly reset it. For the second time in as many attempts. Grrrrrrr. I’ll have to re-read the instructions. Surely the manufacturer didn’t intend for the user to reset the device every time it’s removed. It’s a necessary operation when parking at work. I’d like to believe no one would steal it (it IS a rather application specific device), but I’d rather not be disappointed. I did remember the distance (16.8 miles) but didn’t get a look at the time (under an hour I believe). My average speed will be off, but at least the distance will be correct. I’ve got some serious road work to get in if I’m going to be ready for the Tour de Cure this year. 7 weeks to go, and I need to be ready for another 100 miler. Boku saddle time coming up.

Not like knowing that will help me sleep any better.


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  1. I was wondering how the crew was going to make it back across the pond. I’ve got friends in The Netherlands right now who need to get to Rome before departing on a cruise. Don’t know if they will make it either. Crazy stuff.

    Glad you got a ride in this weekend. It rained cats and dogs around here, so nada for me.

    April 19, 2010 at 7:48 am

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