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Ethics Class

Day 2063

First lesson: I stole this fair & square from Dana over at amidlifescrises

This is from an article Dana read on (originally published at titled 10 ethical questions, answered
These aren’t Enron type ethical questions – these are the little ethical questions that crop into our daily lives. I thought it might be fun to compare my ethics to those of the “experts” and to see where all of you fall on the ethics scale as well.

Lesson 2: Question in bold. Experts answers in regular font. My contribution in Italics.

Q: Is it considered stealing to take pens from a bank? What about extra napkins from a fast-food restaurant?

A: While grabbing a pen isn’t necessarily considered stealing, you should just ask the teller if you have any doubts. That said, one pen is OK, but enough to stock your home office isn’t (the same goes for napkins). A good rule of thumb: If something feels sneaky, then it probably isn’t a good idea.

The banks prefer that you don’t steal the pens that are chained to the tables. (They rarely work anyhow). Grabbing a logo pen? Yeah, one is fine. Especially considering the miserly interest rates most banks are paying these days.
Extra napkins? Taking 2 or 3 napkins per dinner order isn’t out of line. Enough to restock the napkin holder in your kitchen is a bit much.

Q: Is it unfair to move into better (open) seats at a sporting event or a concert?

A: There’s no harm in seeing if you can move into a better viewing position. But before you do, make sure there’s no posted policy against it. And if an usher asks to see your tickets, be prepared to move back to your original seats without argument.

I don’t do it. I don’t condone it in any group I’m with attending an event.

Q: Is it OK to fantasize about someone else when I’m with my partner?

A: Any couples therapist would say that fantasies are normal, but they can become problematic if they are the only way a person can achieve intimacy with his or her spouse — or, of course, if they lead to actual infidelity. As long as your George Clooney or Angelina Jolie musings are occasional, enjoy them. (Face it: Your chances with either of them aren’t all that great, anyway.)

Mickey Mantle’s homerun stats, Stan Musial’s batting average, Jim Palmers pitching records – oh – that’s not what they meant? Well then, if I have to fantasize about someone else, whom ever I’m with isn’t doing a very good job, are they?

Q: If someone tells an offensive joke, is it my responsibility to speak up about it?

A: Letting such humor pass without comment not only permits the teller to be offensive to you and other people but also sends the message that you’re OK with hearing such bunk. Unless the joke crosses the line into harassment territory, there’s no need to beat the person up in response. A simple “I enjoy a good joke now and then, but, you know, yours was pretty offensive” will suffice.

We get clubbed over the head at work about this annually. It’s not really an issue there. In private, if a joke is off color or otherwise too offensive, I just don’t laugh or react positively. Letting a joke die a silent death accompanied with a “not amused” look is speaking up enough. Unless one is dealing with a real ignoramus.

Q: My boss asked me to cover for him on his expense report by saying I was at a meal when I wasn’t. Should I do it?

A: Your boss put you in a miserable position. Signing your name to the report makes you just as culpable should the misdeed be discovered. But if you stand up to him, you could find yourself out of a job. Bear in mind that a boss who would put you in such a predicament will probably do it again. I can’t condone putting your name on the report, but the choice is yours.

My boss(es) wouldn’t ask. I am certain that all the people above me on the corporate ladder wouldn’t ask. But in the spirit of the question, no, I wouldn’t cover for them. If it cost me my job, you can be sure I wouldn’t go down quietly.

That’s only 5 questions, I know. I’m gonna guess Dana only did the more interesting ones.

This living alone (even temporarily) is weird. I don’t seem to know when to go to bed. I took a vacation day Friday to get stuff done. Except I stayed up till well after 2am watching some drivel on TV while surfing the net. I did roll out of the rack shortly after 8, but I had no gumption all day long and as a result accomplished very little.

I have also noticed a peculiar difficulty in staying asleep once in bed. If my sleep habits don’t improve quickly, I’ll be a zombie by the time Cindy gets back home. Need to do better tonight. I want to be at the 7:15 spin class, then I REALLY need to get stuff done tomorrow and Sunday. Hoping for a little decent weather so I can get in some riding time, but the Weather Channel isn’t cooperating. Ah, well.


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