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Long Time, No Type!

Day 2059

Good lord, I need a break! Between moving Eric last week, getting his room re-done in time for the family invasion at the end of this month, work, living, going to a meeting or two and trying to hit the gym regularly, I am just done in!

On the good news front, Eric’s room is done except for one wall and the baseboard moldings. Rather than try to paint the baseboards in place against a carpet, I decided to yank them. I’ll put in new, slightly taller baseboards that I can paint in the relative comfort of my garage. Much less risk of getting goopy paint on the carpet.

Furniture is re-arranged. I was going to use getting a new dresser as an excuse to purge some old clothes. Turns out the new dresser is a teensy bit bigger (one whole drawer), so I got more room without tossing anything. I DID toss the permanently single socks, a t-shirt that had been washed with a pair of new, red shorts (pink t-shirt anyone?)

Tonight I need to do taxes (I know!) We’re getting a refund, so it’s even worse that I’ve taken so long. Need to do Bob’s too, but I have to request W2’s from his pension and Social Security. I have no idea where any of that stuff went. Since his health care costs were so high, he’ll get a full refund of his income taxes. At least his estate will. Gotta get that extension filed first though.

Cindy has been going batshit crazy getting ready for her trip. That alone is enough to wear one out. Wednesday morning I drop her off at the airport. Her group will take a hop down to Washington DC, have a 5 hour layover there then off they go to Europe. They’ll finally arrive in Nice, France sometime Thursday morning local time and probably hit the ground running.

While she’s gone, I have a whole host of things to take care of. The first of which is hit the road on my new bike. It’s ordered, I’ll probably pick it up Thursday evening. After talking to a couple bike shop guys, I decided on the Trek Pilot 2.0. It’s definitely a road bike, but has a slightly relaxed frame that is built more for long haul cruising than speed. I have no doubt it’ll be faster than the old Raleigh, but it’s got those lovely dropped style “rams horn” handle bars. It offers at least 2 more hand positions than my current handle bars do. I’m just a tetch excited about this. I’ve already scheduled Friday as a vacation day so I can go cruise. Hope the weather cooperates.

What I hope to ride to Pennsylvania & Canada sometime soon!

I got a little stroke to my vanity today too. Got measured for fit at the bike shop to determine my inseam (81cm/31.89”, but I knew that) and my height (183cm, 72.04”). I thought I’d maybe lost an inch in height over the last few years, but that is apparently not the case. My kids are just getting really big! At least I can still say I’m really 6 feet tall. Barely.

In a nod to my (mild) obsession lately, I’ve noticed a little uptick in the drinking habits of my favorite alcoholic. A bottle of red wine we got for cooking had been sitting happily in the rack for a month or so. Last week I noticed it was missing. Over the weekend I stumbled across it in the fridge on the back porch, about 1/3 drained. Thursday the empty bottle showed up in the recycle bin. Beer that we’ve had since before last summer is also starting to show up in the deposit return bucket too, then there are the odd bottles of Ginger Ale that how up too. And (as if I need more evidence) a bottle of white wine we also use for cooking (reduction sauces, I swear!) has now mysteriously ‘evaporated’.

Funny, I wondered why Cindy was so damn talkative during dinner at Zach’s last night. Guess all the pieces have come together now. Think I’ll just sit back and wait to see where this goes. Almost hope Cindy drinks herself into trouble in Europe. I’ll likely never hear about it, but might provide yet another kick in the head for her. Time to practice detachment. The right way.


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  1. Congrats on the new bike. And no, I have absolutely no idea what they say about people who can get out on a bike for almost four hours….Care to enlighten me?

    I’ll just say this – saddles are saddles and as a horseperson with thousands of hours of riding I’ve developed a lifetime immunity to being “saddle sore” – if that’s where this is going 🙂

    April 13, 2010 at 4:11 am

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