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REALLY Empty Nest

Day 2053

Offered as evidence (not proof) that I AM still alive. Mostly.

I suppose that since one kid has his own mortgage and the other has his very own lease on an apartment we are not subsidizing (i.e. – for school) we can now consider ourselves true empty nesters.

Bummer for Eric is that a week after he moved to Syracuse to attend the academy we replaced the windows in his bedroom. He stopped home last weekend to start packing up the remainder of his stuff. Since then we’ve decided on the new colors for his ex-room and actually started painting the window trim. When he arrived Saturday morning to pack up his bed, dresser and household items, his ex-room was well on its way to being transformed into guest bedroom #2. Poor kid, he wasn’t even officially gone and we were planning on life without him.

It IS rather urgent though. We’ll have out of town guests the first weekend of May and it’d be nice if the smell of fresh paint died off a bit. All of our old bedroom furniture (except the mattress) will go into the new guest bedroom. Knowing that Cindy will be getting an inheritance from her dad, we went & ordered a new bedroom set for ourselves. Ours is pushing 30 years old, and while it is in good shape, it IS 30 years old. We’re just rather tired of the dark coloring too.

So what did we get? Mango. Yep, the new bedroom set is made of Mango wood. The trees only bear fruit for so many years then must be cut down to make room for younger, more productive trees. The set we have has a fairly light, honey toned stain. Looks nice. It arrives Saturday. Meaning our current bedroom must be empty & devoid of furniture in order for the new stuff to fit. Meaning that the room formerly known as Eric’s bedroom must be at least close to finished by then. Meaning that it was probably a bad idea to say “screw the base molding, I’ll rip it off and put in new stuff!” just to avoid having to cut in paint close to the carpet.

So guess what I did for Easter weekend? If you guessed strip off an old border paper (that was stuck on really, really well), get 2 coats of paint on 3 windows & trim and do some quick skim coating of walls & ceilings with drywall mud Friday, move a kid to Syracuse Saturday and then for Sunday third coat 3 windows & their trim, paint the ceiling and get a first coat on two walls (plus the cutting in next to the FRESHLY PAINTED CEILING!!) AND smoke a roaster chicken for Easter dinner, you’d be right.

Sounds like a lot but trust me, there was some down time in there too. I managed to get in a bike ride to the Y, a spin class and the ride home, all before we moved Eric. Talk about dead legs late in the day!

Uuuuuhhhhh, got more, but it’s getting late. I need to post & pass out. Ugly, ugly day of meetings at work tomorrow.

More later.


One response

  1. Holy Paintfumes, Batman. That’s a damned lot of work for one weekend!

    April 7, 2010 at 9:28 am

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