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Weekend Wrap

Day 2038

Thought it was supposed to be a gorgeous Saturday morning. Rolled out of bed, checked the temperature outside. 40. Not gorgeous. Know what I did? Got dressed in my nice tight biking shorts, pulled on a t-shirt, bike socks & grabbed my riding jacket. Slurpped down a cuppa, packed my camelback (water bottle, spare t-shirt, towel, keys, garage door opener) and rode my bike to spin class.

Did not make it in record time in spite of the cold. But it was good to get back in the saddle and actually pedal outdoors. For some reason, riding outdoors hits your butt different than riding inside. Sure, the seat is different. In spite of what many people think, spin bikes have relatively cushy seats. My road bike? Feels like you’re sitting on a brick. On the narrow side.

That’s actually a muscle thing though. It’s those poor muscles at the top of your inner thigh/glute boundary. For some reason, they are required to work a little harder when riding outdoors. Don’t know why, but that’s what I’ve come to realize.

You know what the worst thing is about riding outside when it’s chilly? Mucous generation. I’ve noticed it when the temperature is in the 50’s. When it’s 40? Whole different level of discomfort. The polite solution would be to implement a two pocket system of tissue use. With maybe a sandwich bag inside the second pocket. The less polite solution? Perfecting the snot rocket. Thank god the back of my riding glove has a terry cloth lining. And they’re washable.

Guess the girls had a very good time this weekend. Saturday afternoon Cindy, Jill, Kelly and the two Julies (Jill & Kelly’s moms) all went out for lunch and took in the matinee performance of Grease. That left me in a glorious NCAA hoops stupor. I had lanned on going for a bike ride as temps were initial forecast to be in the low 60’s, but the fickle weather man changed his mind again and made the temps be in those snot generating 40’s. Hence my decision to suck it up and ride to spin class early.

It was nice having he afternoon free to watch all that basketball with a complete absence of guilt. Except for the part where my bracket just got blown out of the water. The upsets this year are pretty incredible. Kansas gone in the 2nd round, Cornell in the sweet 16, the Big East getting decimated (‘Nova, Pitt, Georgetown, Louisville and Marquette all gone!) and all those double digit seed surviving to the sweet 16. I DO like the way it looks for Syracuse now though. Not having to face Kansas to get to the final 4 is definitely a break.

Spent Sunday scanning old pictures. We’re in the midst of putting together the memorial service for The Bob. His birthday is Apr. 30, we’re doing the service May 1. Yeah, it’ close to his birthday (happy circumstance) but it also allows a lot of his friends to get back up here from wintering in Florida. Seeing as Bob was a photographer, he has literally TONS of photos. We’re picking the best of the best that he did (grandkids are prominently featured) and sifting through trying to find shots that include him at various points in his life too. It’s an interesting process. Brings back lots of memories. Also makes me ask “Who’s that?” way too often.

Quiet weekend on the relationship front. Managed to avoid triggers, kept the ping pong play at bay. Still, I was irked some Sunday night and didn’t communicate why. Gotta improve that. The reason for the irkiness was legit. Cindy goes to a meeting Sunday evenings @ 6. Supposed to wrap up at 7. She’s usually home by 7:15. I finished up dinner prep aiming for 7:20. It was tough stuff – steaming some green beans and cooking a pot of egg noodles. We had a “Porter Pot Roast” in the crock pot that was ready anytime from 6:30 – 7:30.

(Dust with flour & brown a 2 – 3 lb chuck roast. Drop it in a crock pot with 2 bottles of porter {I like Great Lakes Brewery ‘Edmund Fitzgerald’}, 2 cups of beef gravy, 2 sliced up medium onions, 6 bay leaves and a handful of fresh thyme. Cook on high for 4-ish hours, low for 8-ish. Try not to drool all afternoon with that aroma wafting through the house)

Cindy finally rolled in about 7:45. The beans were pretty much of a canned texture by then, and the egg noodles – well, I tried to hold them over, but they went waaaayyyy past ‘al dente’ and kinda glued themselves together in the strainer. Yum.

My lesson here should be in how Cindy would have reacted – I would have needed a colostomy bag. Well, in the past I would have. Now she’s just “Tough shit. I ate. Yours is cold – enjoy”. Me? I waited. Then did the passive aggressive cold shoulder treatment. Pretty dumb. Really should have just mentioned that a phone call saying she’d be late would have been nice. Would have saved an awkward hour or so last night and maybe planted a seed for a better future.

Hmmmm. Interesting topic. Setting boundaries is like planting seeds for a better future. I might have to put that out there for use in an Al Anon (or “fill-in-the-blank Anon”) meeting.

Better go get busy. I’m off this afternoon to do executor stuff, then have to go meet the pastor about The Bob’s memorial service toward the end of the day. I’m mostly confused by Met Life right now, and a little annoyed with The Hartford/Well Fargo/Wachovia. The good new is those funds need to go through probate which boosts my commission, the bad news is the flaming hoops I’ll need to jump through to get them.


2 responses

  1. We’ve just done the photo thing for my mum – I posted the finished boards on my blog – and I agree, it’s very healing and a wonderful way of remembering the whole person, not just the frailty of their last years. Best wishes to you all x

    March 24, 2010 at 10:33 am

    • bikinfool

      Thanks Anna. I hope our aunts, uncles & friends get as much out of the memorial service as we are getting putting it all together. It really is a nice way to review & celebrate ones life. It’s important for closure too. I may even pop a few shots up on the blog – especially some of him as a young man. It’s no wonder the gals were swooning over him!

      March 24, 2010 at 11:33 am

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