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Weekend Wrap-up? Eh.

Day 2031 Weekend Wrap-up? Eh.

It may not be widely known here, but I don’t much care for country music. There are exceptions, groups that might be considered cross-over types – Skynyrd, Molly Hatchett, Allman Brothers, The Outlaws (all could be branded southern rock as well). I even like some blue Grass – especially the banjo picking tunes with no vocals.

I think I mentioned how I’ve also been challenged to get out of my comfort zone. Attending a country music concert was one of the items I’ve been ‘dared’ to do. So I got brave & bold (I’ve been told that surprises are nice too) and got a pair of tickets to see Sugarland in June. On the 13th, a Sunday night outdoor concert out in NY’s Finger Lakes wine country.

Friday night, in an attempt to make conversation during an uncomfortable fish fry dinner, I broached the subject of the concert. Know what I got for a resonse? “That’s a horrible time of year for me.” Yeah, graduation is in two weeks. You’ve got aaaaallll that shit you do to prepare for graduation and awards banquets, plus all your normal work. All that work you normally do on a Sunday evening. Bull shit.

If she doesn’t pull her head out of her ass soon, I’ll be looking for a date. One of YOU may be invited. I’ll be fresh off the Tour de Cure (literally hours after the finish), so you can look forward to a ride in the scenic upstate NY country side, a large picnic dinner (I’m going to be hungry – you better bring an appetite too) and a lovely concert under the (hopefully) stars. I will do my best to not fall asleep. I hear coffee works wonders for that.

So after another 2 or 3 day jag of Cindy trying to pretend I didn’t exist, I called her on it again Saturday afternoon. To grossly paraphrase it, I pretty much asked her to please tell me if I did something specific to warrant her behavior towards me. If I didn’t do anything, please stop acting like such a dick. Perhaps you’re not aware it, but you’re attitude lately has been more like ‘Don’t tread on me’.

That attitude peaked Friday night & Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon I did the “cut the shit” speech. Why do I wait so long? At our counselors suggestion we went to see Avatar Saturday night. That was tolerable. There was no danger of us sneaking off to a corner of the theater and making out like a couple of teens. No danger of hand holding even. But we survived the movie.

Dinner afterwards was interesting too. I am reasonably certain that Cindy hasn’t had a drink since the weekend after her dad passed away. That’d be 2 weeks for those keeping score. After the movie we hit up the Red Lobster near the theater for dinner. (It was AIP bonus weekend after all). Even at 8pm there was a 1 hour wait for a table. We hunkered down in the bar to wait. I asked the bar tender if they had and porters or stouts in the house. She rattled ff some shit about what they had on tap (that I could see 12 inches in front of my eyes) and didn’t name anything darker than a Yeungling Lager (good beer, but not a porter) and a Blueberry wheat (yeah, JUST like a stout!) Lucky for her I spied Guinness in their cooler. So I had a Guinness to nurse during the wait. Guess what? Cindy had one too.

Before some of you get all prohibitionist on me – I do not forbid Cindy to drink. Not my choice, not my job. Her attitude improved immensely with the first beer. She got down right friendly after 2. After 3 she was acting almost as if we were married. Is that an example of illustrating a dependency?

Anyhow. Back to the work week. Already can’t wait for Saturday. Forecast is calling for 60 degrees. I feel a bike ride coming on. Nothing epic, but I just gotta get out for 30 or 40 miles. Spin class is fun, but ain’t nothing like getting out on the road.


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