Always tweaking something!

Quick notes

Day 2005-ish

What a week.  Bob is really not well.  Started hospice care for him today.  While his passing is not imminent, the level of care he requires means that hospice needs to come in and take care of those specific needs.  Cindy seems to be taking it really well.  We were fortunate in that she had the week off.  Some weird holdover from the 70’s where some NY schools took a week off in the middle of February to conserve energy.  It’s pointless anymore, but try to change something that’s been in place for 30+ years.

Anyhow, Cindy has been able to take good advantage of the time.  It’s not how she intended to spend her week off, but being able to DO something has been good for her.

Off to Syracuse tomorrow for Erics THIRD graduation.  This one gets him much closer to where he wants to be.    I think he wants to be in the Sheriff’s road patrol, then detective squad eventually.  Secretly, I think he’s looking forward to that full pension after only 30 years.

Counseling has been interesting.  I don’t think it’s a technical term, but we seem to be “ping ponging” according to Janine.  Me – I call it refusing to take criticism for actions that I KNOW the critic is guilty of as well.  It frustrates Janine, but I’m not taking any crap based on a double standard.  I think it’s starting to sink in.

Time to get some sleep before all that driving tomorrow.  Even better?  All that snow we haven’t been getting?  NOW it’s showing up.   Perfect.


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