Always tweaking something!

Quick dash

Day 1999

Wow. Scattered yesterday, wasn’t I? Work was like that today. 4 meetings spread through the day with about an hour for real work between meetings. I was lucky in that I was able to keep one meeting ahead a far as finalizing what I needed to present. Unfortunately, 2 of the meetings only provided MORE action items and more future meetings. Gotta love it.

Next Thursday is Eric’s official graduation. He will be a real live County Sheriff. He even gets the day off after graduation so we can drag his butt out to dinner.

On the weather front – we got squat. We were threatened with 3 – 6 inches. I don’t think we got even an inch. Baltimore, Philly, NYC? Ouch man. I know all too well what you’re suffering through. But you know what’s still coming? All that snow has to melt. You’ve got some lovely spring floods coming if that snow pack melts all at once. Keep your canoes handy.

Can’t wait to bowl Thursday night. Just have to remember bowling goes so much better if one doesn’t think too much. Slow steps, square shoulders, simple arm swing, reach for the target. Simple.

Well. Off to bed for me. Later peeps.


One response

  1. azzweepay

    I know I’m slightly premature, but congrats on the big 2K.

    February 11, 2010 at 7:03 am

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