Always tweaking something!

2K Eve

Day 1999a

Brief last night, wasn’t I?

Joe – thanks for the premature congrats on the 2000 day thing.  It’s unfortunate, but aren’t all guys a tad premature every now & then?  Tell me it’s not just me 😉

I’m not really going to do anything special for tomorrow.  The one thing I will add now is that I hope I manage to tack on another 2000 days.  5 years, 5 months, 3 weeks.  With a leap day included back on ’08.  According to my little gadget thingy at Quitnet, I’ve ‘saved’ nearly a year of life and something in excess of $8,000 using the 2004 price of $4 a pack for butts.  Since then, that price has gotten very, very close to $8.  I only know that because Cindy is still a slave to the weed.

Joe also highlights another unfortunate event – the firewall here at work hampering my lunchtime meanderings through other peoples blogs/journals/diaries.   For some reason I don’t quite fathom, D-land and WordPress sites are off limits, period.  Blogger, blogspot and most independently domained sites are allowed, depending on the description in the header file.  If there are naughty words or dirty thoughts contained in that header info – that site is also taboo.

It’s kind of ironic that I ended up in WordPress myself.  At decision time, Blogger was locked out and WP was accessible.  I set up shop in WP and the firewall flipped permissions.  Must be there were ‘legitimate’ blogs in blogger and WP was mostly personal stuff.  What ever.  I learned the email post option (minus pictures) so if I get the urge to post during lunch, it’s possible.  I can post from the Crackberry too, but typing anything longer than a tweet is tedious.  Hell, I have trouble typing on a PC keyboard, can you imagine how challenging it is on a phone?

That unfortunate circumstance (my lunch time limitations) leads to yet another bummer.  Web/blog surfing at home suffers from a slightly different type of firewall.  It’s not Windows or McAfee or Norton, it’s Cindy.  This one confuses me a bit too.  Cindy has complained for years that I spend too much time on the computer.  That explains (to me) why our desktop unit has moved from a corner of the room formerly known as the family room to the spare bedroom upstairs.  It explains why the laptop charger is never left plugged in in the living room.

I’ve cut back immensely on the amount of time I spend on the computer at home.  Even for work or Al Anon (newsletter) related things.  It’s gotten to the point where I feel guilty even cracking it open to do the bi-weekly bill paying chores – although I’m told that is a perfectly acceptable use.  Apparently so is on-line shopping, recipe browsing, or drooling over on-line home improvement catalogs.  But sitting in the living room, doing a little checking up on news, sports or blogs while watching TV with Cindy reading a book on the couch across the room is rude, inconsiderate and borderline antisocial behavior.  That also includes playing Word Mole on my phone (my high score is 10,388 so far).

I will admit to a particular affinity for web surfing, games, even working (real work kinda stuff) instead of just sitting there mindlessly watching TV.  I find it odd though, that I could be sitting in my chair reading a book, concentrating just as much, in my own little zone, and that’s fine.  Cindy can be sitting there reading a book, I’ll make a comment about something on TV and I get admonished – “I didn’t see that, I’m reading here!”.  So she can be just as dissociated from what’s going on and it’s ok.  If I’m reading a book that appears to be fine.  But if I happen to do the same thing while using a computer or phone it’s a crime against humanity.  What is the difference, dissociation via book vs electronic gadget?  I think Cindy is afraid of the computer.  Not the technology, but what it offers.  After all, I met s. CL via the computer.  Hmmm.  Fear & jealosy.

Tempus Fugit





Done bowling.  What a night.  A continuation of last week.  3 opens, all splits.  Did spare one split, in the 10th frame of the second game.  (My third split that game!)  Third game was pretty smokin’.  Had the first 5 strikes, took a little brain break in the middle, threw another 3 bagger towards the end.  Lefty had the first 9 that game!  I ended up shooting 210, 188, 245.  Lefty?  263, 214, 276 or something like that.  Team did great, taking all 8 from my old high school best buddy.

Cindy is off chaperoning so I have a few minutes to get in my computer time.  I think she’ll be home any minute now, So I’m gonna do a hit and run here.

2000 days smoke free tomorrow.  Yee hah!


2 responses

  1. B, Congratulations on your 2000 days. That is awesome! I just celebrated 4 years last month. I cannot believe it’s been that long nor can I believe I was ever a slave to the weed. And being a reformed smoker, I’m getting pretty intolerant of those who continue. Aint’ that always the way?

    Also, I think we got out just in time. The cultural shift has been amazing and pretty rapid. If you look at retro shows like MADMEN, the prevalence of smoking was amazing. It was everywhere and that’s how I remember it being in real life. Smoking on planes, at the dinner table, everywhere. Times do change, for sure. I’m glad not to be beholden anymore.

    February 12, 2010 at 8:01 am

  2. Patty

    Wow Congrats on the 2000 days!! That’s a great milestone!! Regarding the computer time – I feel a little guilty about that. Our PC is in the living room, and after dinner, I sit at the desk and “do my thing” while my husband watches TV. I don’t stay on for more than an hour, and he has control of the remote anyhow (except on Thursdays!). But sometimes he says “you’re awfully quiet” and then the guilts start and I get up and read the paper on the sofa!! Oh well, I can relate!! Have fun at the graduation tomorrow!!

    February 17, 2010 at 2:45 pm

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