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How ‘Bout Them Saints!!!

Day 1997

What a game.  Actually, it was more like three games.  The first game was the first quarter when Indy could do no wrong, the second was the middle portion when the lead was bouncing back & forth, the third game being late in the 4th when N.O. was pulling away.  And Peyton Manning, son of New Orleans, quarterback of the Gods, actually made a few mistakes.  That pick-6 late in the game was fatal.

I was surprised that they only showed one or two shots of the French Quarter during & after the game.  At that, they chose an area down on the west end, closer to all the strip clubs as I remember.  Must have been a favorite hang out of the cameraman.

I see most of Pennsylvania got pretty well buried Friday & Saturday.  28 inches where you are Patty?  We were lucky to get 28 millimeters.  We’re really missing the brunt of the nasty weather so far this winter.  Mama nature seems to have an axe to grind south of us.  What did you all do to piss her off?    Now that same area is getting geared up for another blast?   Now you know how we feel most any winter.  Here in Rottenchester we’ve had 67” in one storm back in the mid 60’s.  Think it was 3 days worth.  Another time in the 80’s we got 28” or so on a Thursday and another 24” the following Saturday.  It was fun digging out of that one.  Twice.

No counseling sessions this week.  Almost weird.  Need to try extra hard to work on our themes.  Might even have to act like adults and try airing out some issues on our own – with no net or referee in the room.  Scary thought.

Spin classes have been going pretty well.  Been making 3 – 4 a week and am starting to get my legs back.  Pretty soon I might start running again to really build up base endurance.  Being able to pedal hard for extended periods is one thing, but doing something like running for 30 – 40 minutes or more non-stop REALLY builds endurance.  There is no coasting when you run, but with biking it’s easy to sneak in a break or three.

Counting down the hours till bowling again.  Last weeks good results are making me eager to get going this week.  I hate the wait.  But this week will be the last week of bowling for a short while.  Just got official word – Eric’s graduation from the police academy is at noon next Thursday.   We’ll head to Syracuse for the ceremony, probably make an all day affair of it.  Maybe we’ll even get a little mini tour of the jail.  Might at as a deterrent, huh?

Saw our weather forecast for tonight/tomorrow.  4 – 6 inches expected here.  Not going to cause much of a fuss.  I feel for all those folks in the I-95 corridor from Baltimore through Philly and up into NYC.  Not going to be a pretty day down there.  Stay warm folks!


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  1. Patty

    Well, it IS pretty – it looks like giant marshmallows have taken over my patio. It is 7:45 pm and it is still coming down hard. AND it’s now getting windy. We’ve just cancelled our weekend getaway – they are calling for more snow on Monday. 😦

    February 10, 2010 at 8:45 pm

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