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Out of the Closet

Day 1982

I’ll declare it now. Saints fan. Always kinda liked them and after visiting the city last summer? How can I not root for them? Who Dat, indeed!

After spin class tonight, and after I shower, while I’m all buck nekkid (try not to let that image ruin your day) and ambling back to the lockers to dress, I shall stop by the official YMCA ‘Lying Bastard Scale” (hereafter known as the LBS) and actually take a measurement of the earth’s effects on my body’s mass. In other words, I’ll weigh myself. I will endeavor to consume my normal quart or so of water during class. No point in dehydrating myself to squeak out a pound or two. I will however, eschew the use of a towel to cover my manly bits. Those towels are really heavy after you dry yourself off!

Bottom line is I don’t like how my pants & shirts are fitting. After all that work to drop weight after quitting smoking, I’d hate to gain it all back. True enough, I’ve gained some back – hence the uncomfy fitting of the clothes.

Sources of this creeping waistland are few. My work out efforts are no where near what they were two & three years ago. Six hour-and-a-half sessions a week at the gym has trickled down to 3 or 4 spin classes a week. That’s down right paltry. Eating? Eating has been just as bad. I think we finally gave up and tossed the last of the Christmas noshes out. That’ll help. Might be time to resurrect the old food diary too.

Tempus Fugit . . .

Interesting spin class tonight. Usually, we go hard for a bit then back off , cycling our heart rates from down low (110-ish) to a pretty high (150-ish) and back again. Tonight though, we seemed to get our rates up high but never came all the way back down. We really seemed to hang in the mid range. Oddly enough, it didn’t suck too bad keeping that pace and pushing it a bit extra with the resistance. Might be getting my legs back!

Did the weigh in thing. Ugh. ‘nuff said. #^@$ LBS.

Weather report. 54 degrees on my way into work this morning. 34 degrees coming home from the gym. All the snow we had has melted except for the larger piles. But now? Snow expected for the next 7 days. Not constant! But as is more typical for this area, we’ll see some accumulations every day for the foreseeable future. There ARE two more months of winter still coming. I’d really like to get some more miles in on those snow shoes too.

Unsettling afternoon Sunday too. Makes me want to push harder on some of those points I made last time. Dammit.


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