Always tweaking something!

Dream Weaver

Day 1976

Phew. That last post was longer than I thought. Time to move it down a notch.

Had a weird dream last night/this morning. I want to record the fragments of it I still recall for several reasons:

1 – I don’t usually have very memorable dreams

2 – This one is new, not one of my usual themes

3 – In couples sessions, dreams have recently been brought up (by Cindy) and Janine has asked us to try to keep a dream journal to use for some sort of interpretation.

These are fragments, like I said. The clearest memory I have is of me being some sort of human battering ram that (get this!) could fly. I have visions of flying down from a high altitude and colliding head to head with another person. They disappear in a cloud of dust while I loop back up to look for more (I guess). I also have a vision of flying along like a cruise missile, crashing into something and obliterating it. When the dream was happening, I think I knew who/what I was bashing in to, but now, half a day later, I can’t recall. Seems that there was someone I was talking to as I was doing it too. I remember some sort of dialog. Talking to the bad guys?

Ok – that’s done. Think I’ll write this down in a paper journal too, something I can take in to sessions and share.

There’s another really weird dream I used to have as a kid, mostly whenever I had a fever. It was something about feeling like a greyhound, racing along a smooth, sandy desert for miles, then finally coming to a stop at someplace that resembled an empty used car lot, with the light bulbs dangling off wires strung between poles. I could so clearly remember the sensation of running on the smooth, firm sand. Since I was like 8 or 10 the last time I had this particular dream, I probably won’t bring it up in session.

The other dreams I can remember usually end up with the phone ringing, me falling off a cliff or very high roof, or are conversations with people that are long gone (hi dad! Hi Gram! Hi Maerian!) (Yes, I spelled Maerian right. You DO NOT misspell your mother-in-laws name more than once and live!)

Oh – sessions are news themselves. Or lack of. Due to her kids lacrosse Janine won’t be able to have our usual Tuesday evening session this week. Was going to hit up the Y and do a spin class tonight, but last nights class is still lingering on my quads and glutes. Not hurty – just an awareness.

Anyhow. Since I didn’t do my 10 minute round up last night, I’ll be a brave soul and do it tonight between dinner and our respective meetings. Not during dinner though. Bad for the digestion maybe.

Since thanks giving I’ve been much better about getting to the gym. Good thing too since I ate every Christmas cookie I laid an eye on. That just exacerbated the need to get serious about eating right again. So with better eating and more exercise, I aim to head back to where I was 2 – 2.5 years ago. If after a month I find that there’s no progress, I will have to break down and start tracking every stinking morsel that enters my mouth. My head knows what I need calorically, I just have to have that very real reminder of what I’ve consumed so far that day and remember that a night time snack of an orange or apple is much better than even a half PB & honey with a glass of skim milk. Need to resume the weights too, but I have to start doing mornings at the gym again for that. Somehow, I want to work in evening spin classes with Cindy, morning runs with weights but still leave rest time in between. I’d love to do the Wednesday & Friday morning spin classes (with Patty the Energizer Bunny and Gary the Sadistic Bastard) because they are MUCH more aggressive than Cherie’s evening class. True, last night Cherie gave us a good one, but I’m feeling myself starting to need more.

Honestly, I have my eyes on the Tour de Cure again this year. Knowing I was going to miss last years ride kind of started me on my slide. It helps to have that goal hanging out there, knowing that yes, I’ve done the century ride twice before and I know what it takes to prepare. Now is not too early to start. Maybe I can find a good deal on a new to me bike by then too. I’d love a real road bike instead of the hybrid thing I’m riding now. Eventually.

Quick hitter (for me) tonight. Time to fly.


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