Always tweaking something!

Thursday Thirteen

Day 1971

Saw this idea over at Dana’s and thought I’d copy.

~Thirteen things I’d like to do but will likely let some irrational fear keep me from accomplishing~

1 – Sing.  Church Choir,  Barbershop, something.  I was in choir all through my school years and still kinda miss it.  I’ll never be on American Idol (too old, and I KNOW I’m not that good), but it is fun, and I CAN actually hit a note.

2 – Quit my job and go back too school to get a degree in forestry management or some other environmental field.   I only half joked at a performance appraisal 15 years ago (while in company paid for nite school to become an electrical engineer) that I REALLY wanted to be a forest ranger.

3 – Run a marathon

4 – Ride my bike on a lap around each of the Great Lakes. Lake Ontario (the one 10 miles north of my house) is one of the smaller Great Lakes.  A lap here is ‘only’ 600 miles and includes a nice stretch in Canada.

5 – For that matter – do my mouth to source ride up the Genesee River.  Only 127 miles one way.

6 – Quit my job, get a CDL and drive big rigs across the country.  Right now, I still enjoy long trips.  That could change if it became a job though . . .

7 – Part of me still wants to sit Cindy down and tell her she’s in denial and fooling herself if she thinks she can safely return to a life of ‘normal social drinking’.  My irrational fear here doesn’t actually exist – it is a very real, rational fear.  Respect for the counselors grand plan is what’s keeping my trap shut.  For now.

8 – Tell my boss what I actually think of his management style.  (Actually, this trait is rampant here).  When you tell me you want me to “own” a process, problem or project – I can not REALLY own it until YOU let go of it.  I will not engage in a public battle of wills.  If you want me to have it – let go.  My irrational fear here?  Continued employment.  Crazy, I know.

9 –  Thirteen of these things?  Gah!

9a – I’d like to get Cindy to be a little less (ok – a lot less) conservative behind closed doors.  She thinks she talks a good game, but when the rubber hits the road – so does her libido.  Had a partner once with different limits.  Good lord it was fun.

10 – Take a summer or two and become a “46er” – climb all 46 (there’s actually 43) Adirondack peaks that are over 4000 ft tall.  After black fly season please.

11 – Sky dive solo

12 – Fly a plane, solo (but not jump out of that one)  (Can there BE an irrational fear for #’s 12 & 13?)

13 – Purge and try to minimize.  I am way too attached to material things.

Whew!  That was harder than I thought.

Wish I could remember what the heck else I was thinking.  Maybe nothing.  I have put up 3 posts so far this week, I might just be low on material.

Ok – bowling’s over now.   Youngest brother’s been sick, he ended up not bowling so Zach subbed.  Team took it tough tonight, only managed to take 2 points.  I can claim it wasn’t my fault.  I had one not so great game where I missed my average by 15, but two other games where I bested my average by 30 & 35.  Overall – 595 for the night.  I’ll take it.

Hmmmm.  Just heard an ad – New Yorks Mega Millions Jackpot is now 70 million.  Might have to get a couple tickets.  Lump sum, less taxes that’s gotta net what, 20 million?  I could live on that.  Maybe I’d quit work, get a CDL and go visit blog buddies.  While delivering east coast micro-brews to deserving communities across the country.  And white hot dogs.  You people don’t know what you’re missing.  Better hope I win!


2 responses

  1. Q

    If you carry out #6, pick me up on your way through TX. I have always wanted to do that too, but don’t want my kids to not have me at home every night.

    January 29, 2010 at 12:39 am

    • bikinfool

      You wanna ride in a semi? Want driving lessons too?

      January 29, 2010 at 12:52 am

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