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Day 1970

Or – A day in the life inside my head – things that were better left unsaid.  Starting Tuesday night, 5:30-ish.

Aw, DUDE!  What did I ever do to you?

Thought at the guy that did a “shit ‘n run” in the locker room at the Y last night.  I was changing for spin class, he was changing to play b-ball.  We were in a smaller 20 locker cubicle off the main room.  He got dressed, grabbed his water bottle and headed out for the sinks to fill up.  He left a lovely little SBD air biscuit behind that I was stuck with while I finished changing.  Not nice.  He came back to mix up some ‘energy drink’.  Wish I’d had a nice one to leave with HIM, but I was fresh out.  (My worst blend ever?  Beer, chili & pickled eggs.  Quality AND quantity!  Cleared the 2nd floor of the barracks with those one morning.  Couldn’t stand myself even.)

Shut up and get out, we’re trying to have a class here.

Thought at the asshole in the spin class before ours last night (apparently held for the employees of a local grocery chain who also employs one of the spin instructors).  Their class ended 15 minutes before ours started.  Plenty of time to wipe down the gear and get out.  But Mr. Social Butterfly wanna-be Jock felt the need to linger and loudly coordinate a weekend morning outdoor fun run (with head lamps!) with other class mates that were trying to leave.  Of course, when our instructor put her music on (a clear signal that there is a new class starting) he just talked louder.  He was also smack dab in the way as our instructor made the rounds picking up peoples class tickets and helping the noobs get set up.  Dude was an ignorant, loud, self absorbed ass.  (I was going to say boob, but I like boobs)

No Elissa tonight?  Maybe the music will be better!

Thought at spin class when I saw Lori navigating her way around the ignorant, loud self-absorbed ass, picking up folks class tickets.  Elissa does a very light class and I don’t much care for her music selection (Top 40, American idol style pop & dance tunes).  Lori’s classes are a little more intense, her music selections can run towards country (not great, but less objectionable than Fergie, Rihanna and the Back Door Boys).  Class intensity can always be modified by tweaking that little red knob on the bike that controls resistance.  Think you’re not working enough?  Let me introduce you to my little friend!  Add one turn to the right!

Personally – I like spin classes heavy on classic rock with liberal doses of blues and some of the newer tunes.  The occasional novelty tune is acceptable (Hotel California or Achy, Breaky Heart in Spanish?  Funny – once.  An Irish Reel done by a Jamaican Reggae band from NYC?  Interesting.  5 minutes of African Drum rhythms?  Pretty cool.) (all from the same instructor too – Gary the Sadistic Bastard.  I kinda miss him.  I need to get back to Friday mornings)

Damn!  Everybody here has a spouse at SOME level of recovery.  This program really does work.

Thought last night at my Al Anon meeting.  Except for the two new people, everyone there but one gal had a spouse that was making some semblance of a recovery.  It seemed that all these folks (even the one with the ex) all finally realized that the less pressure they put on their partner about their particular addiction, the better they seemed to do at staying clean.  Weird.

I guess it missed us.

Thought this morning, all because of this:

Although I might be willing to debate their assertion that it would do no damage, even if it did hit us.  If you don’t know what it is, you can’t say it would break up in the atmosphere & burn up.  And me, personally, I’d like to avoid getting hit by a bus sized hunk of space junk doing 10,000 mph.  I bet it would leave a mark.  On the planet.  Plus – as long as I can’t do anything about it, I’d rather just not know.

Why are these fields here, why do their pull downs have seemingly valid choices, why is there no *^%W#$ user guide to tell me to not use them?

Thought that just flittered through my head  as I was trying to pull drawing part numbers from a new software tool that’s supposed to make out lives easier.  I’ve had the training on this a while back, but didn’t have to use it till just now.  The on-line documentation doesn’t point to the stuff for this program.  The corporate wiki page has no user guide, doesn’t even have the documentation package electronically presented to us a year ago.   I can reset my password for this system, but since I can’t *&%Q# use it, why do I need a pass word?

Maybe the notes archive for this tool will get updated this century? We have 90 years to get it done!

Aahh.  That’s better.  Our resident apps guru fixed me up.  He even apologized for the lack of documentation that I bitched about in ANOTHER software tool we have to use to log complaints & support issues.

No Pizza?!?!

Thought while in the cafeteria at work.  Turned out to be a good thing I guess.  Lettuce at the salad bar looked re-cycled, so I had a self made turkey sammich (rye, no mayo, creole mustard, lettuce and one tiny slice of cheese), a cup of potato soup, a cup of greens and 8 oz of skim milk.  Had to be better than 2 slices of loaded pizza.

We are getting no where tonight

First conceived during our couples session Wednesday night.  Nothing bad happening, but Cindy was in some cranked up mood.  Not a bad mood, just more energetic and seemingly unable to really stay on topic.  I was very surprised to find that it was ME (of all people) that kept trying to steer the conversation back to something constructive.

I did mention this to the counselor (Janine) later, during our 1 on 1. (That would look weird typed out – one on one).  It is progress of a sort, getting Cindy to feel more comfortable in session, more trusting, willing to be vulnerable.  Hell – we both need to, but she struggles with it more.

Turns out she’s also being less than honest about what she’s been drinking too.  Janine asks her every week, then in our own 1 on 1s’ she’ll ask me too.  The answers are never quite the same and Cindy is really good at forgetting about the bottle of wine she’d polish off on a Sunday.  Still in denial, but managing the drinking MUCH better than a year or two ago.  I can deal with this.  Should another protracted binge come along, I’ll have to wait and burn that bridge when I’m on it.

Bowling tonight!!!


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  1. Geez, I’m glad the womens is more considerate than the mens.

    Got nothing other than have a great day!

    January 14, 2010 at 8:32 am

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