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Day 1969

Just got an email from up the food chain here at the multinational conglomerate I work for.  It seems that even though I and 98% of my cohorts are working next Monday, our pay checks will be delayed one day due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observance.


Now, this isn’t a big issue.  I probably won’t get arrested or become insolvent because my “check” gets automatically deposited and my “pay stub” gets emailed to me one day later.  Hey – wait – they don’t even email my pay stub.  If I want to see it, I have to go to our payroll processors site, sign in and navigate through their Goldbergian (is TOO a word!) site to find my data and the translator to figure out what all the abbreviations mean.  Probably have to get my password reset because I haven’t been there in years.

All I really want to know is, if I’m working, why isn’t our payroll processor working too?  This delay will cause my bank to send me 4 separate notices that some automatic transfers weren’t completed.  It’s dumb.  My check gets deposited into my checking account.  One chunk gets transferred to an account where I hold my mortgage payment, so they an come and hoover it out of there.  Another chunk goes to a general savings account where I hold tuff till it’s time to pay bills.  Two more chunks go to my rainy day account (don’t ask why it’s two chunks, I’m just glad they got the account and amount right finally!)  When my paycheck is delayed a day, all those transfers go kaflooey.  Why?  Because the bank automatically pulls those funds out of my checking account every other Thursday, regardless of whether or not money was deposited.

I bitched commented about this to them before.  Why not move the money on payday?  Have it triggered by an automatic deposit from my employer, not be a day on the calendar.  Once, they tried to charge me NSF fees for each of the failed transfers.  I was fuming!  They eventually saw the error of their ways and refunded the greater than $100 they charged for their mistake.  I think there was a lot of that going on that day, but they still haven’t figured out how to properly trigger their transfers.

All that to point out that A) I don’t get MLK day off and B) I really hate this time of year.  No paid holidays till Good Friday.  That’s 12 weeks and 4 days with no paid holidays.  Quite a desolate stretch.

I’m hoarding vacation days too.  The way things are going, you never know when your last day of work will be.  Our multinational conglomerate has limited the amount of vacation we may carry over from one year to the next.  Used to be able to bank 8 weeks of vacation.  Now we’re limited to 4 weeks and were told it was a ‘use it or lose it’ situation when it came to what we had built up.  Think there were many pissed off mid-managers when people took half of November and all of December off?  On top of that, we used to be granted all of our vacation at the beginning of the year, having ‘earned’ it the prior year.  Now?  We earn 1/12 of our annual vacation each month.  So now instead of having 9 weeks of vacation in the bank, I have 4 weeks + 2.083 days or some such crap.  Lower liability for the company should they decide to trim the workforce.

On a brighter note, I’ll be heading to spin class tonight, showering then heading to my normal Tuesday Al Anon meet.  Of course, by the time this hits the innernetz this will all be history but, there it is.  This is usually a counseling session night followed by meeting time.  I usually have a whopping one hour break between the two events, allowing me ample time to find a terrible meal at any of 3 or 4 fast food places between the two towns I’ll be meeting in.

Tonight, between the gym & meeting?  No fat laden fast food places and probably less time owing to my desperate need of a shower after spinning.

Ok.  After spinning & the meeting now.  Didn’t do horrible for eating.  Turkey sub, smallish, loaded with veggies.  Here it is 11pm and I’m still hungry though.  Spin class wasn’t bad, shorter class, only 45 minutes.  Somehow, the instructors think that if we’re working for a shorter period of time, we should work harder during that shorter period.  In math, one would say that the area under the curves are the same.  In spinning, one would say “my legs are fried!”  But tomorrow is an off day, physically.  We get to do counseling instead – a little mental workout.

Hrmmm.  I should probably be thinking about dinner.  What to have, what to have.  Maybe something in a chicken cutlet?  Such problems.  Think I’ll go sleep on it.


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  1. We had a similar situation occur in 2008 on Thanksgiving and Christmas – both of which fell on Thursday (our payday) that year. The funniest part of it all (well, not really funny) was that people who received “real” checks got paid on Wednesday. Those of us who opted for the more efficient and cost effective direct deposit didn’t get paid until Friday.

    And you have Good Friday as a paid holiday? I don’t get anything until Memorial Day!

    January 14, 2010 at 11:40 am

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