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Day 1968

Sooooooo, Friday’s meeting time came, I only got to proofread my soliloquy and do minor editing (cuts mostly).  I got lucky and followed a couple I knew into the meeting (the GR that got me into this mess to begin with!) and sat with them.

This meeting is pretty healthy!  Probably had 12 – 15 folks in attendance, a few whom I recognized from assemblies or other meetings.  They went through their normal opening, got through the business portion of the meeting (10 minutes) and I got the intro.  Just like that.

My little talk included some background info on why I was there so folks would have some sort of idea what was up.  All in all, I thought it went pretty well.  Once I got going I didn’t feel overly nervous, didn’t run into “fat tongue syndrome” and even looked some folks right in the eye while I was talking.  As is my nature, I threw in some healthy doses of mildly self-deprecating humor too.  To my surprise, everybody got it.  Seems we Al Anon people are a bunch of wry, sarcastic cusses.

I did tell Cindy that I was doing a talk that night, I just didn’t tell her is was in the meeting room directly over her head.  At the same time as her meeting.  That may eventually come out though – like tonight even.  As I was leaving the meeting Friday I ran into a mutual acquaintance out in the parking lot.  We chatted for a bit.  I’m sure she’ll say something to Cindy about seeing me Friday.  It won’t take long for Cindy to put 2 and 2 together, so Ill have to fess up soon I think.

Of course, everything I said Friday night was the truth as I saw it.  There was new, nothing Cindy hadn’t heard before, and the talk WAS about my own feelings and observations.  I also never identified her other than as my spouse.  Her own anonymity is protected.  Except for the part where we were at Wal-Mart the next day getting some photo’s printed at the Kodak kiosk thingy and someone at the meeting happened by for a similar task.  He was a good egg, said hi, chatted for a bit and kept moving without getting all nosey – but now he probably knows Cindy by sight, if not by name.  That doesn’t count, right?

Saturday we did a good job of keeping to the exercise regimen we’ve been on.  Usually, every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday we hit up a spin class.  It’s kind of nice because it’s time spent doing a common thing and we can each crank our resistance knobs to where ever we’d like and pedal as hard or as easy as we’d like.  It a nice, personalized sweat.  I like to really pound the pedals when its hill time, then on the sprints I take my time coming up to full, mad dogs from hell cranking speed.  Usually, I’m guzzling water or toweling off a quart or two of sweat immediately after the big climbs.  But I catch up.  The sprints are a great way of just working your leg muscles to get that lactic acid build up pumped out.  Just have to make sure there’s enough resistance on the flywheel that you don’t go bouncing all over the place.  Bad for the tail bone.

Sunday we got to try out snow shoes.  There’s a very ritzy golf/country club close to us.  Completely private.  I will probably NEVER play golf there.  Not for a $25K joining fee, plus monthly the bar & restaurant minimums.  But.  They tolerate folks coming by and using their course for x-country skiing and snow shoeing when there’s enough snow. That we have.

So we gathered our gear plus a few electronic toys and went out to get in a few holes.  I thought I’d use a Garmin GPS to track time & distance, and my phone so I could see where we were on a satellite map.  The GPS I have isn’t loaded with recent satellite maps – it’s nice for roads & stuff, but if you’re off the beaten trail seeing that you’re in the middle of this big green splotch named “Brook Lea” isn’t a ton of help.

We parked, spent some time getting shod, then ventured out into the great white unknown.  Both pieces of electronic gear did their job well.  The GPS tracked and calculated distance & average speed (snow shoes are SLOOOOOOWWWW going!) and the crackberry with the g00gle maps a loaded showed us that yes, in the spring, this WOULD be right in front of the 2nd green!  No – we didn’t actually walk over the green.  There’s a risk that one might damage the green itself.  Even though I may never play this particular course, it just isn’t right doing damage.  Besides, if the course gets damaged, they’re likely to prevent people from using it for these kinds of winter activities.

I think I may have over dressed too.  I wore ski pants, but might have been fine without.  Same with wearing a sweat shirt under my outer coat.  In our 1.5 mile little trek I didn’t break much of a sweat, but poor Cindy worked up a pretty good lather.  I had to stop & let her catch up a few times so I got longer breaks than she did, but that’s what you get for being built low to the ground.  Going to have to work out some sort of system where I can get in a good aerobic workout without killing her.  I’d been hoping to walk at least the front 9 holes (3400 yards on the card, plus getting from one green to the next tee – another 700 – 900 yard, so 2.5 miles total maybe?), but we cut the loop short and really only covered 4 holes which the GPS generously credited as 1.5 miles.  Of course, we didn’t walk right down the middle of fairways, had to hit the bridges to cross the creek, had to go around the clubhouse to get back to the parking lot – there was lots of ‘off course’ travel involved.

Oops – got to head to spin class.  Finish later.

Ooof-dah. Cherie was wicked tonight.  Got us all nice & warmed up, had us increase our loads to simulate going up hi, then busted out the long version of “Freebird”.  Nice.  NOT.  That was only 20 minutes into the class.  It got lots tougher from there.  The other really, really tough working song was a Susan Tedeschi tune – I just remember the words “it hurts, it hurts so baaaaad” sung with truck loads of emotion.  Oh – we felt it aaaalllll.  This was another of those sprint uphill things, done in 15 – 30 second burst.  The goal?  Red line – be completely out of breath and done in at the end of each sprint segment.  Get a 30 second rest then do it again.  We alternated guys & girls so part of the room was resting while the other part was pounding the pedals.  After that?  Tina Turner doing Big Wheels Keep on Turning.  More climbing followed by stupidly fast sprinting.  Makes me want to go ride outdoors where you can at least coast down the hills.

Just saw the weather forecast – pushing 40 here later this week!  Might lose that layer of ice welded to the driveway finally.  Only been there for 2 weeks now . . .

Off to bed for me.  Next two days just chock full of meetings at the zoo.  Gotta figure out when I’m going to get actual work done.


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  1. I love that you guys are working out together. I’m envious. Poor Cindy, I know what it’s like to be built for comfort, not for speed. My ExBubba is 6’4″ and I am not. Even going for a walk together was not fun for either of us. Bick and I are closer in height, but he doesn’t do the exercise thing at all. Oh well. Snowshoeing sounds wonderful! Well, except for the whole snowshoe in the snow part.

    Have a great day!

    January 12, 2010 at 7:47 am

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