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Day 1964

I am kinda writing my little speech thingy for Al Anon Friday night, but needed a little break.  Here you go:

Seen/read recently (Hardly new stuff, but I get to things slowly)

Up  The Pixar animated movie.  Very cute.  Nice way to be entertained for 90 minutes or so.  No huge moral message, just a nice story.

Star Trek As a trekkie, I should be ashamed that it took me so long to see this.  But Star Trek franchise movies DO have a somewhat spotty track record.  This one however, was really, really good.   Details the maiden voyage of The Enterprise, how Kirk and his crew came to be, a little history of Vulcan.  We finally, finally get to see how Kirk beat the simulation of the Kobayashi Maru.  If you’re watched Star Trek since the 60’s (or seen re-runs of the original shows) you’ll know Kirk was the only person to ever beat the simulation.  Now, we can suspect how.  (No – it’s never fully revealed, but you’re provided enough information to make an educated guess)

The book Failure is not an Option (or however that should be capitalized)  Basically the story of Gene Kranz at NASA.  How he became a flight controller, the 4 inch launch, all the Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Launches.  We had no idea how many times they came close to losing crews.  Apollo 1 was a terrible loss, but there were so many close calls through out the race to the moon & beyond.  If you like factual, biographical history and are a fan of the space program, this is a must read.

Bowling tonight was totally blah.  Felt something in my left mid-back tighten up.  Made it tough to feel limber & loose, could never really relax.  Parts of the night, it even hurt a bit just to bend over & pick up my ball.  Of course, possession of that lone XY chromosome renders me incapable of ceasing the activity causing the pain.  So I bowled anyhow.  Not as well as I’d have liked, but the team did well.  There’s always next week.

We’re sort of anticipating a little snow here Friday.  Couple inches tonight, 2 – 4 Friday.  Other parts of the country are certainly getting it much worse than we are.  Especially in the south where they just aren’t used to it.  Wish there was a 15 second crash course (wait – maybe that’s a poor choice of phrasing . . .) in winter driving I could point to, but you just gotta rack up the experience.

Tuesday it was snowing here pretty good.  I had a 15 mile drive to our counselors office.  Did fine on 4 lane road, was able to get to open space and at least drive the speed limit.  Roads were slushy, but the tire tracks were clear.  40 – 45mph was reasonable.  What sucked was running into the (s)lowest common denominator on the 2 lane sections.  Some poor scared puppies doing 25 in a 55 because there was a snow flake in the air.  15 – 20 cars stacked up behind them.  It’s frustrating.   Crazy as we are up here, we recognize that it IS tough to pass on a 2 lane road, in the snow, at night.  But, crazy as we are, we do it anyhow.  Was still 10 minutes late after allowing 10 extra minutes for the drive.  Just can’t win.

Better go get back to my soliloquy . . .


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