Always tweaking something!

3000 Words

Day 1928

If a picture is worth 1000 words, you’re gonna get 3000+. Words, not pictures. First, a view from my tree stand.

In the woods

Brief sunny interlude while hunting Thanksgiving morning. Where my head is? Saw a turkey there Saturday. Lucky for her their season is closed.

Next – I just learned that the British first brewed porter beer.  That lovely, toasty, hoppy, chocolatey beer.  For that, I love them.  I think the next picture shows why they need good beer:

Damn Brits REALLY have some cuisine challenges!

I really think the sub-title is a more appropriate name.  Spotted dick sounds like an STD.

If I send this to Florida, will it melt?

On Frosty's trail

Found this in Vermont, NOT at Ben & Jerry's

What a marketing idea for cotton.  Saw this in “The Christmas Shop” in Burlington.  Or Shelburne.  One of them.

Had a good counseling session Tuesday.  We each discovered that we are guilty of committing the same acts we claim to really dislike in each other.  We just take different paths to get to the same spot.  We both have things to work on, but I think it was a little more of an eye opener for Cindy.  Especially when Janine agreed with both of us.

Actually got my butt in to a couple spin classes this week.  Holy Crap am I out of shape!  I’m afraid I’ll have to supplement with elliptical and/or treadmill work to help build base endurance back to where I’d like it.  Great winter project.

Bowling tomorrow.  I’m a little apprehensive.  I was working on a circuit board yesterday, trying to scrape off some solder mask with an exacto knife.  (A normal task at work)  Unfortunately, my grip on the knife was a little unorthodox and I was putting considerable pressure on the side of the blade with my thumb.  At one point, I kinda slipped towards the edge and put a nice little crease in my thumb.  It didn’t bleed too bad, didn’t have to resort to a band-aid even.  Garlic juice doesn’t feel too good in it though.  My only real concern is that the forces involved in bowling might tear the cut open.  THAT would suck.  Blood in the thumb hole would make it extremely slippery.  Not a good thing.   Been on a tear lately too, and I really didn’t want to take that break over Thanksgiving.  Just have to wait and see.

Take care folks.


2 responses

  1. Hi, I read some of your previous posts, and then I read this one. My husband is an alcoholic, recovering.
    He’s been sober for three years.
    And before I give an idea I had on your last post, let me just say…I understand the frustration over the manipulation. they are very good at turning things around on you and making you feel as if whatever it is you want is an overwhelming burden to them.
    That being said…I see one big difference between her chick parties and your al anon meeting.
    Those chick parties aren’t about you. That al anon meeting is about her. The only reason you are having that meeting is because she is an alcoholic.
    that would make anyone uncomfortable. As pissed as you are at her, you are married To her. If it makes her that uncomfortable to have people sitting in the living room discussing how she is messing up your life, you may want to consider her feelings.
    I realize it is your home,It is her home too.It is the one place you should both feel safe from outside interference and pressure.
    Here’s a for instance. Say you were impotent.
    You couldn’t get it up.
    And she decides to have a sex toy party at her house and discuss how you fail to satisfy her, but that she is willing to put up with it until you can ‘fix yourself’, while you lurk in the kitchen. Not nice.
    I was bitter after my husband gave up alcohol. But, I realized I had to forgive him and move on. We have been married for sixteen years, for twelve he was in his own world.
    I gave him the ultimatum that led to his quitting.
    I said I would leave if he didn’t stop drinking. I meant it. he stopped. I was lucky. If he hadn’t, I would have had to take our kids and leave.
    I know how easy it is to get into revenge mode.
    I would hate to see that happen to you. You may think I am full of shit. That’s okay. It’s just one voice, one opinion.
    I hope you work things out.

    December 9, 2009 at 3:21 pm

  2. Q

    Snowman poop makes a cute Christmas gift if you use marshmallows instead of cotton & put it with hot cocoa mix.

    December 14, 2009 at 12:24 am

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