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Top Ten #2 & a Catch Up

Day 1920

Top Ten # Two

Revisiting a theme I meant to start a couple of weeks ago, here’s this weeks Top Ten List.

Top Ten List #9 – Favorite Vacation Spots

#10 – Thousand Islands, New York. Went here many times as a kid, only once as an adult. For the uninitiated, the 1000 Islands are actually a collection of some 1982 islands in the St. Lawrence River, where the Great Lakes empty out towards the Atlantic. Beautiful scenery, great fishing, cool (very) clear water, the smell of bacon in the morning and campfires at night. Home to some of the fastest weeks in history.

#9 – Adirondack Mountains, NY. Similar to the 1000 Islands, but built out of a different type of rock. The Adirondacks is the largest State Park in the country, unique in that there is much privately owned land inside the park boundaries. Lakes galore, great fishing, hiking, hunting. Nice place to go unwind.

#8 – My back yard. Have to mention it. Some stay-cations are worth it. Especially when you get into some of the projects I wind up in.

#7 – Ft. Myers Beach, Fl. First trip there was to the in-laws time share right on the beach. That sold me. Even with a 24 hour drive, being right on the beach was worth it. Kids loved the sand, when they were younger the heated pool was a big favorite, as they got older horsing around in the gulf the attraction. And the people watching . . .

#6 – Ft. Myers, Fl. The in-laws house on the mainland was a vacation staple right up until we brought The Bob back north. Fifteen minutes from the beach, close to shopping, dining – I really kinda miss the place.

#5 – Anyplace in the Cascades, Washington. Spent my Army time @ Ft. Lewis, took lots of weekend trips around the Cascades camping, hiking, just soaking in the country. The Olympics too for that matter, and the Pacific coast. Just couldn’t get enough of the scenery.

#4 – New Hampshire. Beautiful country, fiercely independent people, except for the fact that they depend on tourism so much. It’s all so quaint. And drop dead gorgeous in the fall.

#3 – Vermont. See #4

#2 – New Orleans. Yeah, One trip to the French Quarter, especially in the off season, and I’d like to go back. Tremendous food, great music, the charm of the Quarter (outside of the sleazier part of Bourbon St.), the parks, cemeteries, mule carriages, the river – I need to go back and see more.

#1 – The next place I haven’t been, yet.

I’ve spent trips going to the same few places, learning more about each area. I’ve spent trips going to new places, seeing new people, places & things for the first time. While there is a certain comfort in going someplace familiar, I really like going someplace new. There’s always something to do. After repeated trips, I think one can get in a rut with a vacation spot and for me, the idea of a vacation is to get out of the rut.

Bowling last Thursday. Smokin’ hot. The last three weeks I’ve actually bowled over my average for the past couple years. Earlier this year I was having issues with how my thumb was fitting in the ball. Mostly, it wasn’t and it was causing some inconsistencies in release. Got that ironed out, the release is mo’ better and so are the scores. The bummer is that with Thanksgiving this week, we have no bowling. Just as I get hot, it’s time for a break. Perfect timing.

Hunting Saturday. Heard the first shots @ 6:45, which is about 25 – 30 minutes before legal sunrise around here. Not much I’m going to do about it. It’s just unfortunate that people choose to so flagrantly violate the laws. I shouldn’t be surprised I suppose. Anyhow. Saw more turkey than deer. I’m pretty sure it WAS the opening day of deer season, but someone forgot to tell the turkeys. Their season is safely (for them) over. It’s still incredible just how big the damn things are when you see them out in the woods. It’s no wonder they remind me of a helicopter when they take off.

Saturday Cindy also chose to polish off her one remaining bottle of vodka. It was ‘only’ about 3/5 of a bottle, so she wasn’t comatose, but she was obviously drunk. There wasn’t anything cooking on the stove, so dinner out was the next best option, If I wasn’t so damn hungry I’d have refused to go, but I also didn’t feel much up to cooking myself. Noticing a pattern too. Cindy is much more ‘friendly’ the next day. Trying to buy her way out of a doghouse?

For Thanksgiving, the boys are both headed off to their respective in-laws, present or future. Cindy & I will be smoking a turkey breast for ourselves, maybe a little cornbread dressing & garlic smashed taters, but that’ll be it. With any luck, I’ll have a deer hanging in the garage by then too.

Still ironing out issues with that quickpress version of wordpress. There seems to be a character limit, but it also seems to be imposed by my firewall. I’ve seen other posts done using quickpress that were longer than what I can get through, so I’m guessing it’s on my end. I’m wondering if it has sms text type limits.

Patty – you never heard Brazil nuts called nigger toes? Geeze. I must live in an insensitive part of the northeast.

Enough of this scatter shot entry. I gotta go sleep. If I don’t see you, everyone have a peaceful safe, Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Patty

    I’ve just come back from a wonderful vacation in Cape Coral, and we drove the short 20 min. drive to Ft. Myers a couple of times. Had a great time on the Ft. Myers pier, and lunch at the Beach Grill. Went to the sand sculpting event on the beach. I’ve always wanted to stay ON a beach….some day!

    November 28, 2009 at 12:52 pm

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