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Top Ten?

Day 1906

Thought I’d toss out some sort of Top Ten List, a la David Letterman. Then it occurred to me, I need a subject for said Top Ten List. Know what would make a good theme for a Top Ten List? The Top Ten Themes for a Top Ten List. Without further ado, here we go:

#10 – Least favorite foods (individual or dish)
#9 – Favorite vacation spots
#8 – Favorite scenic drives
#7 – favorite actors/actresses
#6 – clearest childhood memories
#5 – Best injuries (mostly my own, or ones in which I was otherwise involved)
#4 – Favorite foods (individual or dish)
#3 – Vacation tragedies
#2 – Remodeling projects
#1 – Defining moments

If there’s others you think might be interesting, let me know and I’ll toss them into the mix. Maybe start a Top 10 Tuesday. Everybody loves a little alliteration, right?

So. Top Ten list #10 – Least favorite foods (with a qualifier for each)

#10 – Anything ending in –melon. Water, musk, Irondequoit (might be a local variety), cantaloupe, those green ones, whatever. I am equal opportunity and intensely dislike them all. I will not eat a fruit salad if there is a hint of melon in it. It just ruins the entire bowl. Also, see #1
#9 – Cucumbers. Unless they’re pickled. Any kind of pickle is fine, but a raw cuke? No thanks.
#8 – Sweet peppers. Red, Green, yellow, orange, whatever. Can’t do them raw in most anything. They taste metallic to me. I can handle roasted peppers as part of a dish, but to just eat a pepper like that dude on the Iron Chef intro? No way!
#7 – Raw white onion. Too bitter. Maybe Vidalia’s are okay, but the average raw white onion? No thanks.
#6 – Radishes. Qualifier? Thickly sliced, they taste like dirt. Thinly sliced, I can tolerate them. When Cindy makes a salad, I can take one of her chunks of radish and get 3 or 4 slices out of that one piece.
#5 – Brazil Nuts. Again with the dirt taste. Sometimes you get a real buttery one, but usually? Dirt. (Anyone call them nigger toes? That’s the name I originally associated with them. I blame my parents. I don’t use it anymore because it seems insensitive)
#4 – Grapefruit. This one is a little weird. I like other citrus fruits just fine. Grapefruit juice I find to be bitter and metallic (again) tasting. Grapefruit itself I’ve only had in small pieces and it reminds me of the juice. Wonder why? But. There is a brand of pop (soda?) that I really, REALLY like in the summertime – Squirt. Made of 10% grapefruit juice or something. I think ‘Wink’ is similar (but local to Pennsylvania?) and I think ‘Slice’ has a grapefruit version. Love ‘em. Can’t stand strait up grapefruit juice though.
#3 – Tomatoes. This is a weird one too. Ketchup? Fine. Spaghetti sauces? Fine. Chunky spaghetti sauces? Fine. Sun dried tomatoes? Love them. Salsa? Usually fine, unless it’s a black bean salsa at an Olde English themed dive of a restaurant in Stowe. Bruschetta? Not so much. Slices on a sandwich? No thank you. Wedge in a salad Nope. I don’t know how to explain this one other than it’s a combination of texture & taste. Maybe the semi-gelatinous nature of the seed cavities. I really don’t know, but I will go out of my way to avoid or remove tomatoes from certain foods. Like tomato soup, unless it contains chunks of tomato. Also don’t care for tomatoes in other soups.
#2 – Mushrooms. WTF is the attraction to mushrooms? I’m not a fan of their texture, their lack of a defining taste (other than ‘woodsy)
#1 – Bananas. Banana bread, muffins, banana anything. Ever since I was 3 or so, the smell of bananas just sort of triggers my gag reflex. It’s the #1 reason I would probably fail at Survivor. My mom says I ate them fine as a baby, but somewhere around age 2 I rebelled and haven’t had one since. In a fruit bowl? The whole bowl is considered tainted. (Not to be confused with the ‘taint’ which, well, I wouldn’t want to eat that either.)

Could also toss in eggplant as something I’d just as soon not eat. Liver too. But liver is a little more universal. To balance the Top 10 disliked foods, here’s a list of foods I do like that are often disliked (just to show I’m not really that hard to cook for) And if you think I AM hard to cook for, I’ll just cook it myself, thanks.

Asparagus (LOVE it grilled)
Brussels Sprouts (deeeeelish roasted)
Beets (had them tonite even)
Any kind of olive
Any kind of hot pepper (mo hotter = mo better!)
Liverwurst (go figure)

And then there’s the list of favorite dishes that oddly enough includes some of the foods I don’t really like (I’m looking at the peppers, onions & tomatoes mostly) But that’s another list.

Cindy has relinquished the role of the cast iron bitch of late. We had a little date nite Saturday, went out to diner and had a beer while waiting for a table. Well, I had a beer and didn’t have a conniption when she ordered one too. Sunday, she announced that she was having a glass of wine after we finished wrasslin leaves for the day. I didn’t have a conniption then either. I think I also did not have a beer. Raising my arm high enough to take a sip woulda hurt too much.

Her sooper seekrit stash of extremely cheap vodka (Mr. Boston? Well variety at best) has also been dipped into a bit, but really not a lot. I think she’s at the point where she’s trying to figure out where the boundaries are again. Or she’s trying to desensitize me a little, make me drop my guard, then WHAMO! Start the binge drinking again. But I have noticed that in the meantime she’s trying hard to not be a jerk. I will give her points for that, but the guard isn’t coming down.

Annette was also going to call Janine and compare notes. I’ll find out how that went Wednesday evening – after our couples session. I may have mentioned this in an earlier entry, but Annette is all for taking a harder line with the drinking. Her aim is to support me in my efforts to not become the person I was 2 years ago and enter into another illicit affair in the event Cindy’s drinking gets to be habitual again. Janine sees the past drinking as a problem, but at the same time she wants to help us make progress as a couple. She acknowledges that the underlying drinking issue could still hose everything. In their 1 on 1 work though, Cindy hasn’t budged an inch on acknowledging that her drinking could be a problem.

I think Cindy recognizes that it WAS a problem and was a huge factor in my even meeting and getting interested in Paula. But. I’m afraid she thinks her drinking was a direct fallout of her mother passing away 6 ½ years ago. I will grant that her mom’s passing made it worse, but the problem was there all along. Even her mom commented on it at times. What I am working hardest at right now is not building up any bitterness over not having any real apology offered nor any amends made to me for the years of crap I put up with. That’s a tough pill to swallow and might even become a theme at a couples session soon.

Aha! Another top 10 list – top ten themes for a couples counseling session. Coming soon to a blog thing near you!

I gotta go organize pictures to send to some Korean Regulatory Agency. The flaming hoops they make us jump through to get approval to sell a product in their country are incredible. But that’s a whole ‘nother entry.


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  1. Patty

    OMG #5 LMAO! I will never be able to look at a Brazil nut ever again! Harharhar!!!

    November 23, 2009 at 7:01 pm

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