Always tweaking something!

Ow, ow, ow . . .

Day 1905

Finally home to post this . . .

Dang it! Left my brain at home. I have this little 2GB thumb (pinkie actually) drive that I keep my blog/journal crap on. I think it’s on my dresser. I hope.

Had two other entries started, scrapped one after having time to think about things. It was about an extended family scuffle. Old wounds, held grudges, unexpected behaviors, all out of my realm of control. After the dust had settled, I think I’m just disappointed in how some people reacted. I guess some things just trigger Jr. High school reactions from people, no matter how mature you thought they were. Only thing left to do is file it away for future reference. There’ll be some hurt feelings, but none of it caused by me. There’s also nothing I can do to make anything go away. I’ll just be myself, let folks know I’m not in 7th grade any more and take it from there. I think it’s all sourced from petty BS anyhow – people are just looking for a reason to not deal with each other.

The second entry was a revised version of the first, which, upon further reflection, got distilled down to that tidy little paragraph above. You’re welcome.

In other news – OUCH! Spent Sunday blowing, raking & hauling leaves. I am SO glad we had that big, old silver maple taken out this year. Seems that most of our leaves (from two Norway Maples) came down in the last week. Two thirds f the back yard was covered with them. Then there were the oak leaves that get magically transported from the grove to our east (down-effin-wind people!) and settle in every nook, cranny gap, stairwell, garden – just everywhere. Maybe as much as 25% of that I hauled yesterday was oak leaves, and there isn’t an oak tree within 100 feet of my yard. Weird.

So the process goes like this. Blow and/or rake all your leaves into piles. Move the leaves from these piles onto a big ass tarp. Skull drag the tarp to the front yard, dump the leaves by the curb. Repeat until either the leaves are done or you are done. My problem is that our lot is on the outside of a 90 degree bend. This makes for very small frontage, but a pretty large back yard. With lots of trees. I don’t have room for all the leaves our trees generate.

I borrowed some of my neighbors curb, some from the guy across the street and some leaves I just hauled off into the woods. I was putting all the oak leaves back where they belonged. Along with a few of my own to over the handling fees.

By 4pm yesterday both Cindy & I were beat. I have bruises on my shoulders from where the tarp rested (heh – rested, sure) as I hauled leaves. A couple loads got kinda heavy – more maple seeds, sticks, wetter leaves & branches – those did some damage. But we really won’t have too much more in the way of raking to do.

Want to know how beat we were? Instead of cooking a batch of Chicken Chipotle Chowder for dinner, we did pancakes & bacon. When enjoying a little horizontal time after, there were muscle spasms, but not the good kind. It’s pretty hard to relax when your muscles decide to get all spastic on you. Mine were fine, but Cindy’s legs were dancing all on their own. Much rubbing of the legs ensued, and things eventually settled down. (Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Saturday involved more abuse of the legs. Replaced the last window in Eric’s former bedroom. The one on the end of the house, where all the work has to be done off an extension ladder or from inside. Zach stopped over to help and we got it banged out on a few hours. Finally got smart and managed to position the window so that I didn’t have to take down any of the shingles on the sides of the window opening during the replacement. Then we got even smarter and jut cut the new trim to fit the gaps in the openings. Now we have something like 4 original, drafty, inefficient windows left to replace. Soon. Maybe next spring.

Powder room update. It’s now fully functional. Still looking for a mirror and some sort of artwork/wall hanging to finish it off, but all the essentials are in. The toilet is one of those long ones. Didn’t really notice at first, but it really barely fit. For a guy (here’s some TMI for you) there’ barely enough room to stand in front. Your butt cheeks kinda brush the wall behind you and your knees are nearly touching the front of the bowl. It DOES make it nearly impossible to miss though. I guess that’s a good thing. And it’s one of those super efficient, 1.6 gallons per flush jobbers. So far, even with the low flow it seems to function pretty well. Haven’t tried flushing a washcloth, 6 or 7 votives, an African Violet or dog food (a la the Kohler commercial), but it does what it needs to do.

I did make one little faux pas though. Got the water feed lines goofed up. Swapped cold & hot. It’s a little disconcerting at first, especially because they’re separate control valves. Easy to fix though. It’s been a low priority, what with the gorgeous weather here. Seriously. All that leaf humping Sunday? Jeans & t-shirt. Before lunch, in November. Call it Indian Summer I guess.

Biggest news of the weekend involves the garage. For the first time in nearly 6 years, we have both our vehicles parked inside. No more project storage, garage sale sorting, kids cars, NOTHING. Just adults cars in the garage. Both of them. It was so moving, I got a picture of the blessed event. I also had to practice backing out of the garage. Those mirror thingies on the sides? I’d like to keep them intact.

8.5 – 9 hours of sleep last night and I’m still pooped. Hauling those leaves really put a whupping on me. No kids to help this year either. That’s only going to get worse too. Eric is living in Syracuse and Zach now has his own to worry about. Makes it hard to recruit help. I’m going to need a rider with a big bagger attachment. Or a chain saw.


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