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Party Like it’s 1899

Day 1899

So. Powder room. Toilet? Check. Sink? Check.

Still have to hang the paper holder, but isn’t that what tank lids are for? Still have to hang towel holders too, but I have pants legs for drying my hands.

So really? No hurry.

Counseling was interesting tonight. I still don’t have answers to questions like “What are you hoping to get out of AA?”, “What is your definition of social drinking?”, “Where do you want to be in 5 years?”, and the biggie – “Are you going to AA to learn to be sober, or are you doing it just to shut me up?”

No answers to any of that yet. But tonight I once again was reminded of a few of my faults and how that is impeding any progress we might make. Yeah, right. I just pulled the same crap she pulled last week – I feel like you’re taking my inventory and attacking me. But it’s funny how much better she seemed to feel knowing she wasn’t in the hot seat for a night. Well, that and the fact that she’s got a little stash hidden and can look forward to getting a little buzz on some day soon.

On the work front? Was threatened with the need to get a passport. Boss said that without a passport, I can’t be sent out of the country on business. He failed to see the logic in my NOT having a passport. My view? No passport, no trip to China or India. No problem. We’ll see how much water that holds.

Ugh. Gotta get some shut eye. Later folks.


One response

  1. Q

    We have to buy passports before our cruise next spring. I’m REALLY not looking forward to paying for them, aside from all the hassle I’m expecting to run into when I do decide to bite the bullet! If my job were paying me to go somewhere, I’d go, though. Can you get them to reimburse the passport fee as a business expense?

    November 6, 2009 at 12:22 am

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