Always tweaking something!

Saturday Night Special

Day 1896 (or so . . .)

So therapy last night – no answers. Cindy headed to her meeting afterward, I stopped by the kids, then headed home to get dinner going. Had a sudden, inexplicable urge for a bite of chocolate. So I started checking all the normal chocolate stashes. Never did find any chocolate. But I DID find that bottle of vodka that disappeared a few weeks ago, after the last ‘I’m not comfortable with the current level of your surreptitious drinking’ chat.

That particular bottle was nearly empty. But it had a friend that was ready to take over. I think I now have my answer.

Got 95% of the powder room moldings in. Filled the nail holes, touch up painting will happen Sunday morning. Then, finally, the throne will get installed. That and the sink. Floor cabinet & small wall cabinet will follow in short order.

The other big plan for tomorrow is to get the garage fit for parking BOTH vehicles in it again. Morning frost season is fast approaching and I would really rather not have to deal with it.

Totally bailed on Halloween tonight. Wrapped up housework around 5 – 5:30, shaved, showered and headed out to dinner. Killed a bit more time at the home improvement store and a home furnishings joint. Exciting, I know, but it kept us out of the house till the sugar hounds were done searching. Besides, I know from experience, if you go looking for chocolate, you’re likely to find vodka instead.

I’m off to bed so I can go fall back an hour. That extra bit of sleep is going to feel pretty sweet.


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