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I redacted what you didn’t even see

Day 1880

Take my word for it, I saved y’all some agony. Had a 2 page, ummmm, thing, (In Word, single spaced with ½ inch margins) (yeah, I know) written up wherein I opened up by whining about having a headache and basically spiraling downward from there.

I let it stew unattended for a coupe days and now I’m glad it never saw the light of the innerwebz. So yeah, I had a headache. A real one, not some figurative pain in the ass kind of thing (although I have one of them too). We had a counseling session with Janine. It did not go smoothly. I even raised my voice in a semi controlled manner to emphasize the point that this was not the first time I have said what I said and Cindy has reacted the way she has.

On top of that, Cindy like to try and shift the blame to me – “I was waiting for you to do X, I was hoping you’d do Y, why don’t you ever try Z, Except that this time, Janine and I both pointed out that I HAVE done x, y & Z and I’m waiting for some type of mature response from her. (That was one of my raising my voice parts) It took Janine by surprise a bit, but now, a few days later, it seems to have maybe sunk in a bit. At least Cindy isn’t going around acting like the asshole that ate New York. She was even civil last night. I’m hoping my efforts to stick to the high road are being noticed.

Plus, we’re spending a few days all alone up in Vermont next week and I’d hate to think we couldn’t take a walk in the woods for fear that she’d try to off me and leave my carcass for some poor, unlucky hunters to find. Or coyotes even. Eeww.

Lunch today is a hottie! Grilled up some NY Strips for the girls last night while Zach & I feasted on some venison loin chops. Simple prep – salt, black pepper & garlic powder on both sides. Let them sit, covered at room temp at least 20 minutes (to let the salt migrate in and do it’s thang) then grill to your definition of perfection. Me – I like to still hear the echo’s of the cows last moo. Medium rare at MOST – more towards rare with venison. Most deer don’t have the fat marbled in like beef cattle do and anything past medium rare tends to get a tad dried out.

Anyhow. Last night – grilled vegetarians (eat or be eaten!), steamed broccoli and some garlic smashed taters. For todays lunch, I gathered up the leftover meat & broccoli, chopped them up to mini bite sized chunks, than raided the fridge for some left over rice pilaf I did a few nights ago (onions, garlic & julienned carrots sautéed in olive oil, then add rice and cook in chicken stock with a bit of thyme – tossed in some slivered almonds too), and mixed the whole mess up and added some Tabasco Soy sauce, more garlic powder (no – there is no such thing as too much garlic), a drip of sesame oil (potent stuff), some celery seed and a healthy dose of my very own mesquite smoked dried habaneros.

One of my co-workers came in when I was about half-way through my amer-asian fusion lunch. I wasn’t at the point of sweating, but I think my face was a little flushed from the effects of the habaneros. Man, I love that stuff.

If any of you really like the hot stuff and want to try out the smoked habs, lemme know. I have a goodly stash and would be happy to send out samples. A little goes a looooong way.

The powder room is inching along. Mudding is done. Not quite to my liking, but I’m getting pressured by a gal that doesn’t wear glasses like she should. She just doesn’t see the things I’m considering imperfections and would rather take the time to work out a little. So we muddle on. I have some pics of the progress that I’ll post when I get time to sort stuff out. Now that the paint is up, it’s not as orangey as I remembered it. The names of the colors should have been a hint. They’re from Olympic – one is called “Brown Mustard” and is slightly yellower and deeper than Grey Poupon and the other is “Lion’s Mane” which pretty much looks like it sounds – a tawny medium brown. Zach says he’s seen the same color in a baby’s diaper. I just reminded him that he’s well on his way to getting reminded just what colors those may be. No – there’s no bun in the oven yet. It’s still a few years off according to their 5 year plan. These kids are way too organized. But Zach is a helluva lot closer to being reminded about the color of baby diapers than I am.

Looking forward to bowling tonight, as always. How good or bad I did the week previous doesn’t seem to dampen my enthusiasm. Every week brings new possibilities.


2 responses

  1. First off, thanks for the support B. I do appreciate it. And this growing as humans BS, well, some days I think it’s just that 🙂

    Vermont sounds all Bob Newhart’s Inn-like. I hope to get to that part of the country someday. Sounds very nice.

    Good luck on the powder room – and your colors sound just fine to me. Thank god I’m medical miracles away from diapers myself. My kiddo(s) say no to the children thing. So I’m stuck with a dog for a grandoffspring.

    Take good care of yourself. Knock em all down!

    October 16, 2009 at 3:39 am

    • bikinfool

      Yeah, there are days when wallowing in ones woes is all you want to do. Sometimes I think you need it for the perspective. You just have to be able to bootstrap yourself out of it or have a partner/friend capable of telling you to cut the shit sometimes.

      Kinda of excited about the Vermont trip. Hope the weather is good. Nothing like cool, crisp autun weather up here. It even smells different. (But that could be tons of decomposing leaves contributing to the mix too.)

      Flooring this weekend!! Then lights & moldings. Maybe, possibly a toilet by mid week. I am SO tired of trudging up & down stairs just to pee. The back yard is very tempting come evening time . . .

      October 16, 2009 at 11:24 am

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