Always tweaking something!

Where & Why?

Day 1871 & 1872

Bear with me, I’m going to try to play with this html stuff again. Lets see if I can avoid screwing up these links.

For the Where, I saw an article cited through

Yahoo Finance.

I’m sure that what the author is saying is true. I’ve been trying to salt away money in 401k’s for years, planning for the day when I actually get to retire. Some day. When I’m 66 years, 8 months old. (Only 15 years, 10 months to go!!)

But. This guy says that one can save in excess of $600K over 40 years by putting away $100 a month AT 10% INTEREST.

I want to meet his investor because I’d like to know how he’s getting 10%, safely, on anything these days. I looked at my own 401K balances last night. I have 2 – one from when I worked for a once famous film company and a second that was started when they sold us like chattel.) It appears that my original 401k has finally recovered to where it was 2 years ago. Taking inflation into account, I’ve probably only lost what, 6% over two years? The other account is too new and is being skewed by employer contributions (in lieu of a pension) so I can’t really draw any comparisons. But I would dearly love to be getting something even near 10%

As to the Why, check this out:

Why would women do this? (give up sex for a year in order to keep their cell phone)

That should be balanced by asking the same question about TV remotes and comparing the gender responses. I know my answer.

Interesting session with Annette today. We agree it’s past time to take the kid gloves off. No more not noticing. No harping or belittling either, but when the drinking happens, I will acknowledge it and state my intentions. Something along the lines of “You’ve been drinking, I’d prefer to finish this discussion tomorrow” Or “You’ve been drinking already, I’m not going out to dinner (or doing this, that or the other thing) with someone who’s drunk before we even get started.”

I’m debating whipping out “When we started this ‘working on our relationship’ stuff, I was to discontinue contact with Paula and you were to stop drinking. You haven’t stopped drinking, so . . .?” But I think that way danger lies, to paraphrase an appropriate sentiment.

Bowling tomorrow. Can’t wait. This will be week 5 and we’ve yet to have our actual 3 man team there. Matter of fact, last week was the first time we even HAD 3 guys there period. We’re 24 – 8, so it can’t be hurting us THAT bad.

I am curious as to how my phickle phinger of phate will do. It hasn’t been as bad as it was last Friday, but it does manage to pick odd times to flare (or is that phlare?) up. The thought of flinging (phlinging) a 15lb bowling ball off it 50 or 60 times is a little worrisome.

Plus, I really need to have a solid night. Every week I’ve had one game that is significantly below my average. Have to keep my brain turned off and jut let the body work. The brain just gets in the way.

Man, that applies to so many things.


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