Always tweaking something!

Plan Number What?

Day 1870  Plan B C D E F?

We’re going to need more letters soon.

So, the weekend.  Didn’t go quite as planned, but that isn’t all bad.  Did gob a first coat of mud in the powder room.  Till I ran out of mud.  Thought I had more left over from the family room re-do.  Oops.  So Friday night I got all the vertical surfaces and the screws in the ceiling.  Saved the ceiling/wall joints for the new bucket.

That meant a trip to the home store first thing Saturday.  Got my necessaries for the weekend – bucket o-mud, more abrasives for drywall.  Easy trip.

Got the ceiling joints done.  But, much to my dismay, the mud I had applied Friday evening STILL wasn’t set enough to sand properly.  That mean that by 10am Saturday, I was looking for a change in plans.

Went out & fed the fishies, scooped some debris from the bottom of the pond, pulled a few weeds.  Saw my pile of wood chips waiting for disposition.  Have been thinking that I’d scoop them up, dump them in a wheelbarrow and run them into the woods.  Was thinking about using them as mulch, but down inside they’re getting moldy already, so mulch = no, haul = yes.

Got about 6 loads into this process:

Pitch fork chips/chunks/dirt into wheelbarrow.

Lug barrow about 250 feet, trudge up a 10 foot slope, duck into the woods.

Jamb wheelbarrow wheel against a fallen branch.  Bang shin on wheelbarrow leg support, swear.

Move branch, push wheelbarrow 30 – 40 feet into woods, dump.

Push empty wheelbarrow 300 feet back to pile of chips, repeat.

Decided I’d call the company that brought down the tree and ask them one or two questions.

1.) When we agreed to have you take down the tree and remove all the debris, why weren’t the stump chips included in ‘everything’

2.) Even if I have to pay more – when can you get here and take everything but the hole in the ground?

Because really, what am I going to do with 10 – 12 yards of wood chips?

Having run out of things I could sink my teeth into in the back yard, I turned to the garage.  Winter is coming.  One bay of the garage is still full of stuff that was intended for the garage sale that never happened.  The other bay is the staging area for the powder room (down to hardibacker for the floor really – toilet, sink, etc. are in the family room) and replacement windows for Eric’s now former room.

Weather was relatively nice.  Sunny, 60, slight breeze.  Beautiful day to replace windows.  So at 11:00, I changed gears.  Spent the afternoon removing 2 old (43 years) contractor grade double hungs with storm windows and popping in some lovely double glazed, argon filed, Low E windows from some joint in Iowa.  Wrapped up the festivities at dinner time and collapsed.  Sending an afternoon travelling up & down a ladder will do that to you.

Sunday the powder room mud on the walls was dry enough to sand, but I had other plans.  Did my typical weekend morning trip to the home store.  2 x 4 joist hangers (to stabilize the toilet mounting stone), ‘Great Stuff’ (for filing gaps around the window frames), lotsa molding (for the exterior window trim).  Really spent the entire day replacing shingles and re-doing the window trim.  Put shutters back up.  At least now with the exception of painting the new molding & window trim, the exterior of those two windows is complete.  One more window to do on the east end of the house this year, but that is 100% ladder work.  At least with the front windows I had the luxury of a roof to stand on.  Small, but I could move.

Curious thing too.  That fickle finger of pain?  Still fickle.  Friday it was sensitive.  Saturday?  Not so much.  Sunday morning & evening it was sensitive, but during the middle of the day I didn’t notice it much.  The sensitive bit can run from feeling a little tightness when I try to flex it to feeling like it’s on fire from just sticking my hand in my pocket.  But while working on the window – not a problem.  I’d wonder if some of this was in my head, except that, well, when it does hurt there is a cause for it.


On the Arctic front, it seems like it’s a reluctant spring.  Moments of thawing followed by another icy blast.  I am also driving myself nuts wondering where she’s moved the stash.  I do mean move the stash as opposed to dump the stash too.  Saturday night?  Yeah.  I noticed the active bottle was gone and by dinnertime Cindy was having the tell-tale locomotion issues, along with some fat tongue problems and the marbley eye syndrome.  Oh – and the sniffing thing, like there’s an itch in her nose, so she scratches it with a sniff.  Every 15 seconds.  I’ll suggest that maybe she needs to go blow her nose.  She’ll deny it and ask why I would suggest such a thing.  I’ll tell her that she’s sniffing every 15 seconds and it’s starting to get irritating.  Her response?  “{sniff} No I’m not {sniff}{sniff}.  The third {sniff} was added for dramatic effect.  Did it work?

No session scheduled with Janine till NEXT Monday so no help in advancing the thaw on that front.  I DO have a session with Annette Wednesday, so that will be a good little morale booster.   What I still don’t know is if I’m blowing this up all out of proportion, or is it really what I think it is?

Back to the zoo for the week.  Maybe something here will keep my head occupied and out of the tailspin of fretting about Cindy’s next drink.  Hell – I think I worry about it more than she does.

Helps a little that I’ve picked up a new project to ankle-bite.  Should be short lived, amounts to no more than a (large) component selection and the adaptations necessary to make it all work.  Nit-picking, detail oriented lists of characteristics and chasing down vendors and squeezing them for lower & lower quotes.  Not my forte, but an opportunity to work on improving those, ummm, skills.  Sure.


3 responses

  1. Good lord, Brian. You wear me out just reading about your weekend adventures. I was proud of myself last night because I reorganized the pantry! ha

    My finger has decided to get better, too. Strangeness.

    Hope the thaw arrives soon – and it’s productive.

    Have a happy Tuesday!

    October 6, 2009 at 6:16 am

  2. Q

    If she’s drinking while she’s alone (or around you while you’re not drinking) then it’s not “social” & you’re not blowing things out of proportion.

    October 15, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    • bikinfool

      Geeze Q – wish you hadn’t left your laptop cord at your mom’s. I’ve paid a couple therapists a fair amount of cash to tell me the same thing!

      It IS really good to get the same opinion from regular, real people too. Kinda validates the whole thought process. It’s nice the therapists agree with me, but heck, I’m paying them to support me. The opinion of real peeps, freely given seems more valuable in this case, so thanks a lot!

      October 16, 2009 at 11:17 am

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