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Grrrrrr and an HNT

Day 1858

Apparently American Express has had a little internal slip up.  Back in July, I noticed some charges to my account I didn’t make.  Carfax, iTunes, a bunch of ‘lovely’ internet sites.  Called AmEx, they credited my account back for all the charges, closed that card and sent me a new one.

Got the new card in early August.  I went on-line and activated it yesterday.  Yeah, I use it an awful lot.  Today I got an email from AmEx verifying that they received my monthly payment (yes, I carried a small balance in the aftermath of the bogus charges.  Oops.)  Because I could, I logged into my account to actually witness the lovely balance change.  But I didn’t see the numbers I expected.

Seems that back on Sept. 3 there was a charge from AT&T internet services to the tune of $31.72.  Small potatoes by any measure, but the kickers were that a) – my old card had been turned off July 29 and b) – my new card wasn’t activated until Sept. 22.  How could I have incurred any charges in the interim?

The barely English speaking customer service rep agreed with me.  (I called at 8am EDT.  I wonder what time it was where she was?)  She did a little investigating and found out that the new BS charge was added through my OLD card number – that they had supposedly turned off in July.  She tried to explain it away as a ‘system glitch’.  Uh – honey?  I do electronics all day, every day.  The only system glitch involved was in the cognitive awareness system of what ever piece of wet-ware (that’s a hoomen bean) processed the original request.  That or they’ve got a mole in their investigative unit.

I got all sorts of assurances that they took care of it, it won’t happen again, my account is perfectly safe.  We’ll see.  I’m going to keep the card in my dresser for another month or two and see what gives.  If I see more BS charges I may have to bail on AmEx.  That would be a shame because they have such a solid reputation.  I still can’t figure how my info got pirated in the first place.

Oh!  I posted a quickie from the crackberry about spotting a gorgeous bruise this morning, then threatened to show it to you.  Well – here ya go:

High speed golf cart damage

High speed golf cart damage

Looks worse than I initially thought.  That little bit of bruising to the right is what I saw this morning.  That nasty dark purple spot I wasn’t aware of.  At least by sight.  But that, dear readers, is what happens to your ass when it smacks the ground after falling out of a golf cart doing 12 – 15 mph.  Well, that’s my estimate of the speed.  It’s kinda hard to tell when you’re tumbling ass over tea kettle.  Literally.  For the record, a medicinal Jack & coke was ineffective.  I wonder if the bruise would have been less if I had fewer credit cards and Home Depot receipts in my wallet?  I ought to show Cindy, see if I can garner any pity points.  She didn’t notice it Sunday morning when she had her hand on it while , ahem. . . never mind.  Funny how it didn’t hurt so bad then either.  Hmmmm.  Maybe I should have gotten more immediate medicinal boinking instead?

Oohh – Bowling tomorrow.  I already have a built in excuse if I do poorly!


2 responses

  1. Q

    That looks like a very painful bruise!! You sure AmEx didn’t cause that when they were trying to screw you out of your money? 😛

    Sounds like they need to get their sh!t together!

    Thanks for playin’ along 🙂

    September 25, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    • bikinfool

      Sad to say you can’t see the bruise from the AmEx job. You don’t want to see where it is and I don’t have those kind of camera skills. I gotta go browsing for food . . .

      September 25, 2009 at 7:39 pm

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