Always tweaking something!

Oh my @$$!

Day 1856

So here’s the “Lost Post” with a little addendum

Friday (9/18 for those keeping score) was the annual big corporate golf outing.  36 foursomes (the max a course can hold) all vying to have the most fun on a business afternoon.  Weather started iffy, low 60’s and I even got sprinkled on a bit while hitting a bucket of balls to warm up.  But things improved a bit, the rain held off and we were treated to a fair amount of sunshine even.

The highlight of the day for my own foursome was not so graciously supplied by me.  A little background: we do this tournament in a ‘scramble’ format.  Everybody hits a tee shot.  We do an assessment, select the best result and we all hit again from that spot.  Repeat as needed till you get the little ball in the hole.  A consequence of selecting the best position to hit from is that the less than desirable shots must be picked up.  My partner and I have worked out a system whereby we can scoop up balls while cruising along in our golf cart at full speed.  It’s worked for years.

Until Friday afternoon.  We were scooting along, scooping up strays.  As we approach, I crouch down in the cart and get my right hand prepared for the grab.  Well, this one particular time, my hand got caught up in the grass a bit.  It pulled my arm back, nothing serious, but it did seem to alter my balance a bit.  Add to that my partners need to turn to the left some to avoid a large-ish patch of weeds along the edge of the hole.  Well, that turn to the left made me kinda lean to the right.  Combined with the flinging back of my right arm, this additional strain on my internal gyros was slowly conspiring to tilt me farther and farther to the right, until I reached the point where my brain said “EJECT!!”

So I did.  Did a lovely pitch & roll and came to rest just short of the large-ish patch of weeds (briars, goldenrods, pile of brush, who knows what else).  I sort of flopped over onto my front and slapped the groud a few times, laughing my fool head off.  My partner came back by in a flash, all concerned for my welfare.  He saw me laying there laughing and immediately felt better.   He did have the annoying tendency to ask repeatedly throughout the day if I was ok.  Really, I was, except for one little thing.  In the process of the roll (I think – things were a little disorienting for a bit there), I seemed to have landed on my right butt cheek, right where my wallet is.  Something in the landing seems to have pounded my wallet into my right glute, and it’s been a little tender ever since.  It’s slowly loosening up, and once I get going it isn’t a problem.  It’s just that initial stiffness that makes me feel like I’m 50 or something.

The jokes resulting from this are the most fun.  “Geeze John, you were a little rough on my ass Friday!”  has been the favorite, with requests to kiss me where it hurts, or kissing it to make it feel better getting good play time too.  I’m just glad no one got it on video.

In spite of my injuries, I still had a productive weekend.  The powder room project is crawling along.  We have most everything we need parts wise.  The electric was roughed in last week, I got the plumbing tweaked yesterday and have drywall on all the walls not needing plumbing or electric.  New exhaust fan is in and the ceiling drywall has been swapped out.  The powder room is such that the ceiling drywall is one contiguous piece.  It was a cast iron bitch getting it up there, but the joys of having no joints on the ceiling warms my heart enough to overshadow the strain of ‘getting it up’.

Yanked the old vanity, repositioned the plumbing to be compatible with a pedestal sink.  I’m at the point where I need to pull the toilet.  There is still original wall behind the throne that needs to go, and the flooring has to be removed.  We’ll be throne-less downstairs for a while as the rest of the work happens, but that will provide motivation to hustle.

Oh yeah – it’s official!  Eric got his letter from Onondaga County.  See:  (the little white outs are mine – not the Sheriff’s Dept.)  [And I know y’all want to come over and hang out on the porch, but that isn’t even my address I’m hiding.  It’s where the Deputy will be staying during his indoctrination period training – so don’t bother trying to figger it out.]  {Last one, I promise – if ya DO want to hang on the porch, y’all are invited, of course.  I’ll slip you my real address in private.  Snacks are on me.  Maybe we’ll do something in the smoker.}

My ticket to good treatment in any Onondaga County Jail.

My ticket to good treatment in any Onondaga County Jail.

Friday we go to Syracuse for the big swearing in.  We’ll definitely take Eric out to lunch after the ceremony, then probably hang around at his girlfriends parents lake house till they get home.  Poor folks are stuck working that day.  Then we’ll likely head out to dinner as a gang to celebrate Eric’s swearing (in).  I’m staying in Syracuse Friday nite to attend the Assembly there Saturday.  I’ll do the banquet Saturday evening, then drive back.  It’ll be back to powder room duty Sunday.  The killer is going to be keeping myself occupied & out of trouble Friday evening.  Wonder if there are any decent college football games scheduled?

Addendum (What, you thought I was kidding?)

If & when you have the opportunity to re-do a room that includes plumbing, use new shut off valves.  I had intended to use new valves in the powder room, but didn’t have them yet.  So I reused the old ones so I could get the plumbing roughed in and get the rest of the house turned back on.  My error was in over tightening the valve.  I’m anal enough that I wanted the outlet fitting pointed straight up.  That extra half turn?  Cracked the old valve body ever so slightly.  Didn’t notice it at first.  Monday morning around 7am I noticed a little weeping at the joint, figured it was a tad loose.  Didn’t have time to tighten it, so I put an empty plastic waste basket under it to catch the slowly oozing drip.

At 4:30 Cindy called me.  Said that there was a fine spray of water coming from the valve, the walls were damp from the constant misting and the waste basket was nearly full.  That’s about 3 gallons of water.  There are additional shut offs in the basement, but at 5 foot nuthin, Cindy isn’t gonna reach them.  I immediately packed up my stuff (except for the thumb drive) and headed home.  It’s ironic how when you need to really be in a hurry you catch ALL the people that want to do 55mph running 3 abreast on the expressways.

Anyhow, I got home to find that Cindy emptied the waste basket and wrapped the pesky valve with a towel which served to aim the leak back into the waste basket.  I took a quick peek under the covers, saw what was happening and trotted downstairs and closed off the leaky line.  You can bet this months grocery bills that I have new shutoff valves on those sink supply lines now.

Of course, now that I have to re-do them, I want to re-position them again.  We’re putting in a pedestal sink, so the supply lines will be exposed somewhat.  I’d rather that the stuff that is exposed be 1 – as little as possible and 2 – as good looking as possible.  That means chrome plated everything, including those little escutcheon dealies to dress up the wall openings.

Sunday the plumbing will happen.  That and dry walling the last big wall.    Then maybe during the week  I can start mudding, again.  Gawd, I hate mudding.

Oh – it’s been four days since my dive out of the golf cart and my ass is fine.  I mean it feels ok.  As in, it doesn’t hurt.


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