Always tweaking something!

Dang It!

Day 1856

Here we go again. Had an entry mostly done during lunch today, saved on my thumb drive. Had to leave work in a hurry to fix a cracked valve. Closed up the ‘puter quick but left my thumb drive on my work table. Oops.

So you don’t get to read about how I fell out of a golf cart, at full speed, kind of on purpose. You also don’t get to read about progress in the powder room, except for that nasty little used shut-off valve problem.

Plans for net weekend have been altered slightly too. I’ll be hanging in Syracuse Friday night rather than driving out & back for Eric’s swearing in and repeating the feat Saturday & Sunday for the Al Anon Assembly. Cindy will ride out with me Friday morning & ride back with Zach & Jill Friday evening. Makes a scary kind of sense.

Played out some rope Saturday, very nearly got the crash I’ve been expecting. Was going to capitalize on it this evening in counseling, but the therapist had a sick child aat home and had to cancel. More rope waits to be played out.

It’s really, truly official too. Eric got his acceptance letter from Onondaga County. Effective Sept. 28th he is a Deputy Sheriff with a probationary period lasting from 8 to 52 weeks. He’s already moved out that way, setting up for the academy to start. He’s just a little excited.


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