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History Lesson

Day 1850

After yesterdays foto-fest (photo-phest?) and Sundays un-wordy little confession (I’ve been clean for two whole days now!!), it’s time to get back to my usual wordy self.  Poor you.

Found this:

Which is a link to an article about the first 3 black NBA players.  In summary:

“(Earl) Lloyd was the first to participate in a game – on Oct. 31, 1950, in Rochester, N.Y. as a member of the Washington Capitols.”

Lloyds opinion on the matter?

“It was uneventful,” Lloyd said. “If you could have picked a place where it could be downplayed, Rochester, New York, was that place. It’s a city that had problems, too, but the city and schools were integrated.”

Gee, thanks Earl.

Until I stumbled across that article this afternoon, I didn’t know any of that.  Very, very few people did I think.

Slightly more people know that the Rochester Royals actually won an NBA title.  Back in 1951.  No – I didn’t see any of the games.  What happened to that team?  This:

Since being located in Rochester, New York and known as the Rochester Royals (1945  – 1957), the club has been known as the Cincinnati Royals, (1957 – 1972) the Kansas City-Omaha Kings (1972 – 1975), and the Kansas City Kings 1975 – 1985). The franchise moved to Sacramento in 1985.

This: provides a nice little franchise history.  Otto Graham (NFL Cleveland Browns) and Chuck Connors (The Rifleman of 1950’s TV fame) also had ties to thee Rochester franchise.

So there’s today’s little history lesson.

How about them Bills?  Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory like they did?  Poor LeOdis McKelvin (nicknamed McLovin.  Name that movie!)  They were doing fine until the middle linebacker got hurt (broken arm) and then a starting defensive lineman (knee).  Once the defense got scrambled, ol’ Brady just shredded them.

The nice part?  A football game that ended by 10:30pm East coast time.  About time they figured out that people want to see the END of the game more than the beginning.  And then having a separate late game for the west coast?  Smart move.  I hope this little experiment sticks.

Have a counseling session tonight.  1/1 for Cindy, couples, then 1/1 for me spread over two hours.  This will be interesting after last weeks little reveal I did for Janine.  Well, revealing Cindy’s non-confessed, non-social, non-sanctioned by anyone but her drink fests.  I told Janine and I said it here – I’m just going to hold on and wait for the implosion.   All these books we’ve been reading, little tests we’ve been doing, tools we’re learning to use – none of it matters.  The first two books we were asked to read BOTH said that none of the techniques taught for improving relationships worked if there was any kind of substance abuse or addiction present in one or both (or more?) members of the relationship.  To me, that means that if your spouse has a drinking problem, issues with that overshadow anything one might do towards fixing a relationship.  So far, the therapists I’ve seen agree with that sentiment.

Speaking of therapists, Cindy isn’t budging in therapy.  Janine pokes & probes, but Cindy won’t admit that there’s a problem.   It’s time to use what she says in session to poke & probe at home, try and get some clarity.  Maybe I can get her to clear up my confusion around her drinking patterns and those of an alcoholic.  When I do broach the subject at home, I’m to call Janine so we can follow up in couples session.  There, she’ll follow my lead  – so if I dive in, she’ll help steer the talk.    Hope it works.

Think I’m going to stay in Syracuse next weekend too.  Might just change my reservation from Saturday night to Friday night although it’s still possible I’ll stay both nights.  Just need to find something to do Friday evening to keep me out of trouble.

Tired.  Can’t think straight.  Time to post & run.


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  1. Q

    This post is Super Bad. {Not really!} 🙂

    September 16, 2009 at 6:21 pm

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