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My Memory Forgot My Memory

Day 1846 or so

Had a nice entry started.   Sorta documented the weekend.  Did some bee wrasslin, (messed with a nest of yellow jackets – 750-ish critters), played with the pond, touched up some painting on the house (which kinda forced the bee wrasslin) and did a little work on the powder room.  Then Tuesday we had a huge Silver Maple taken down.  Trunk was 3+ feet in diameter, tree was probably pushing 70 feet tall.  We worried that the tree was starting to heave and preferred that it come down under control rather than at the whim of Mother Nature.  She like to hit other things too.  A side benefit?  Parts of our back yard are seeing direct sunlight for the first time in decades.

I have pictures to document all this, already cropped, re-sampled and ready to post.  Problem is they’re all on my thumb drive, with the rest of the entry.  My thumb drive is plugged into an older laptop I was setting up to be a test fixture for a work project.  That laptop?  On my desk at work, not on my lap in the living room.

The only other thing of note lately?  I’m waiting for the crash.  Cindy’s drinking is cranking up the drinking again.  I’m keeping notes, but off the top of my head it’s been 3 of the past 5 nights she’s been, well, affeced enough by the booze that I don’t care to interact.

Our counseling sessions of late have consisted of a 2 hour ession broken up into thirds.  Cindy gets 40 minutees of 1/1, we do 40 minutes as a couple, then I get 40 of 1/1.  This week, during the couples portion of the show, I was dodging, diverting, deflecting, basically acting like an ADD kid on a sugar high.  Janine and Cindy were highly amused by my efforts to not really answer anything.  Towards the end of the scheduled couples session, Janine asked if we wanted to wrap things up and call it a night.  I inisted on getting my 1/1 time.

That’s when I eplained all my diversionary tatice earlier and told Janine the REAL story.  It’s funny how Cindy doesn’t ever fess up about the amount of drinking she’s doing.  So Janine is on board now.  I’m certain Cindy’s attempted snow job is over.

Me?  I’m going to sit tight for a bit and wait for the implosion.  When it happens, I’m going to resist the urge to do my happy dance, point fingers and shout “I fucking told you!”.  But I’m only going to resist it a little bit.  I’m also thinking about staying in Syracuse that Friday after Eric’s swearing in.  It’s $100 for the room, but it saves 190 miles and 3 hours of driving.  Tempting.  Too bad I can’t invite a friend along.  Oh well – don’t need that trouble.

Oh – bowling tonight.  Call me Mr. Consistent.  208, 152, 198.  Too much thinking that seond game.  Lefty?  258, 232, 289.  It’s so boring bowling with him.  All he does is throw strikes.  Glad I’m on his side.  Team wise we took all 8 points by a very safe margin.  Much better start than last year.

I gotta go finish my Harry Potter book.  Later folks.


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