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Sunday Morning Quickie (relatively)

Day 1841

Isn’t that a favorite for everyone – the Sunday morning quickie?  The house is quiet, coffee is brewing, the sound of the pond waterfall gurgling wafts in through the screen.  I have an hour or so to whip up a quickie post while Cindy is off to the store trying to beat the church crowd to grocery shopping.

What did you think I was referring to?

Since it IS Sunday morning, I thought I’d cough up a confession.

This summer, I read a trashy novel.  We were at the airport, cleared security with tie to spare.  I stopped in the ubiquitous Hudson News, looking for something to read to pass the time on the plane flights.  Settled on an old favorite – found “Cell” by Stephen King.  Decent summer reading – doesn’t require a whole lot of thought, just have to follow the story.  Read some on the way down, read some while lounging by the pool.  Nearly finished it.  On the way home, I managed to pack it in my checked bag rather than my carry on.  Brilliant.  With about 4 hours idle time looming in front of me, I hit up the news stand again.  This time?  Even worse!  Cindy is collecting the Harry Potter series.  Didn’t have the last book.  How that happened, I’ll never know.  But the situation is remedied now.

I’m current on all the Harry Potter movies, but this is the first of the books I’ve read.  If this book is like the others, then I can see where the movies fail to communicate some of the nuances Rowling uses in her writing.  I think too that in this last installment the main characters are more adult like.  Perhaps that will carry over to film better.  Perhaps splitting this into two movies will also help.  No spoilers from me though. Haven’t quite finished it yet either.  Soon.

The pond.  Good lord, we’re going to be over run.  The water has cleared up to the extent that I can see details clearly on the bottom now.  That’s also helped my to spot the graduates of this springs fry hatch.  The other day, in one swell foop (yes I know) I spotted 6 8 unique little orange, orange/white, orange/brown little jobbers, in the 1 to 1.5 inch range.  Some of the braver (dumber?) ones even come out and have a go at the food pellets.  Kinda funny watching them push around a food pellet that weighs nearly as much as they do.  Scary thing is that an Orfe could come along after the pellet and inadvertently (or not) suck up the LOJ (little orange jobber).

With the water being so much clearer I’ve also spotted 5 9 unique little green jobbers also in the 1 to 1.5 inch class.  Before, the water had just enough cloudiness to it that the green/gray guys literally swam under the radar.  Now their cover has been blown.  That makes 11 17 new fish this year, plus the 8 that survived from last year, plus the (lemme think . . .) 10 big guys (and obviously girls too)  that remain from the original pond.  It might be time to start culling a few of the green jobbers.  From what I’ve read, they’re probably mule hybrids of koi and whatever else was fertile this past spring.  They can’t breed anymore, but they’re a drain on the ponds resources.

Ok – my morning reverie got snapped like a dry twig.  Apparently the grocery store wasn’t very crowded.  Got stuff done today.  Did the exterior trim on that powder room window I swapped out last week.  Noticed a little bee problem over by the garage eave.  Saw a bunch of yellow jackets zipping in and out of a small opening.  Got a can of raid and got medieval on them.  When I sprayed in one side, I saw a bunch come out a different opening.  Sprayed that too.  That got about 50 of the little buggers.  I went through another can of bug juice just spraying the ones that were coming back from foraging.  By dinner time, I racked up 125 bees (yes, I counted).

Then, taking advantage of bees evening dormancy, I restocked on bug juice, rigged some flood lights and cut a small (2 inch) opening into the eave of the garage.   Found a nest like a paper wasp nest, just not in a nice round ball shape.  It looks worse now after being soaked in Raid. Another 100+ came out, 4 or 5 looked like egg layers., there were several that looked like some sort of internal worker bee, and hordes of workers.  Judging by the appearance of the worker bees, I think they were eastern yellow jackets.  At least I don’t expect to find any honey.  Monday morning I plan on opening up the remainder of the eave.  I need to know if I got all the bees.  Been kinda lucky so far – 236 dead yellow jackets, no stings.

Lila – not to worry.  I’ve made my arrangements for the end of September.  As far as Cindy going to Europe in the spring – I won’t be getting cheated.    I see a summers worth of golf coming, starting with that trip to Europe.  I also think that before then things will come to a head again.

Today wasn’t bad, but I know for certain that the first glass of wine was poured well before noon.  After that it seemed to be a steady burn.  Semi-well managed, but losing ground all day.  Eric got out of work early, decided to head for his girlfriends for the holiday, leaving Cindy & I on our own.  I think Cindy was hoping for some sepia romantic evening, but she was drunk enough that I just wasn’t interested.

Eh.  I need to hit the hay.  Gotta go play with bees in the morning.  Or what’s left of them, I hope.


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