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Day 1839

So he made it.  We now have a bona fide sheriff’s cadet on our hands.  He’s got a shopping list about a mile long that includes all the things he needs to get uniform-wise to be prepared.  He’s already ordered all the stuff that will have his name on it, but still has boots, shoes, BDU’s – all kinds of stuff to get.  Three weeks to go, plenty of time.

The conundrum I’ve run into is this: Eric’s swearing in ceremony is 9/25 at 10:00 in Syracuse.  That’s about a 90 minute drive.  After the ceremony, one way or the other, he’ll be staying in Syracuse with Kelly’s parents while he attends the academy.  Doubtful he’ll be heading back to Camp Ra-cha-cha for a few months.  So Cindy and I will drive out separately to see the swearing in.  No biggie.

The NY North area Al Anon Fall Assembly also starts 9/25 and runs to 9/27.  Know where it is?  Syracuse.  I have a room in town the evening of the 26th so I can stay after the assembly, enjoy the banquet, crash upstairs and drive home the next morning.  (side note – the Assembly is a giant, 10 hour working meeting where we conduct the business of running an organization that spans the northern ¾ of the state)  And no – you don’t want to have to drive 100 miles after an Al Anon party!  (That’s a joke folks, the hotel bar is gonna be dead that weekend)

I could add a night to my reservation and stay in Syracuse the night of the 25th.  Wouldn’t hurt me in the least.  But I don’t think Cindy would want to stay an extra 2 days in Syracuse at a working meeting of a hundred or so Al Anon folks of whom she knows one – me.   I also don’t think she’s going to want to drive separately to Syracuse Friday morning and home that afternoon so I can stay out there that night with out her.

It seems that the best solution is that Eric drive out Friday in his car (he’s got a ‘Malibu Barbie’ Rox!), Cindy and I go out Friday in one of our cars, do the ceremony, probably have lunch with Eric, Kelly & her parental units (John & Julie – super folks) and head home that evening.  Then for me, head back out to Syracuse at 7 the next morning, do the do with the Assembly and come home Sunday morning.  Lots of driving for me, but it’s the least disruptive to everybody else’s schedules.  I think.  Cindy and I have a date to discuss this very thing.  Ought to be a real barn burner.

Bowling Thursday – ouch!  Haven’t used those muscles in a while.  Think it was a good thing I got out a week early.  First game kinda stunk – but that was really the warm ups.  Had 3 opens, all splits, not too many strikes.  By the second game I loosened up nice and was throwing nearly normal.  Hence the last three games I shot closer to my average.  Still seem to have trouble getting the ball to stay right with serious amounts of lift.  There’s a real tendency to pull left a bit and lose lift.  Not good.  I think the mantra needs to be ‘elbow tucked, shoulders square, head steady’.

Oh lordy.  Just saw this.,2933,546511,00.html??test=faces Deep Fried Butter!  Paula Deen has GOT to behind this effort of deep fried fat.  That girl does love her buttah.  Sadly, on average the US is one of the most obese countries on the planet.  Deep fried fat will not help.  Deep fried pickles, however, are excellent.  Had ‘em at Nola’s.  Might be a bad way to start, having them at a swanky joint like that, but they were surprisingly delicious.

In more travel news, we’re planning another get away weekend.  Not as extravagant as flying to New Orleans for 5 days, just an extended weekend in Vermont, hopefully in time to catch the end of leaf peeping season.  There’s always antique hunting, a Ben & Jerry’s tour, a fascinating farming museum in Shelburne (really!), maybe a hike up a mountain to see what’s really at the top, and long lazy soaks in the tub – with a mountain view.  Plus, on the way there we’ll get to take a ferry across the southern portion of Lake Champlain.  Cool little diversion.

On tap for this weekend?  Prepping for a garage sale (still), getting the last of the new plants in the ground (again – hit up the end of season clearances on some stuff), plus I picked up a gazillion daffodils & crocus for around the pond.  Something like 90 bulbs in all.  But it’s a 3 day weekend, right?  Plenty of time!!


5 responses

  1. Lila

    so what is wrong with you spending an extra night away from home. isn’t she going to europe next summer? it won’t kill her for you not to be there. i say do whatever is the easiest for you. Brian, you’re just trying not to make waves while she is a hurricane.

    September 5, 2009 at 3:07 pm

  2. Q

    Let her drive herself. Quit being such a pleaser all the time! (This is me sounding tough!)

    I think I saw that Vermont trip on Everybody Loves Raymond once. It didn’t turn out so well…

    September 6, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    • bikinfool

      I’m looking at it as being more of a cheap bastard than a pleaser. Comes down to why take 2 vehicles on the same trip?? I dunno – does gas + driving time = the cost of a room for one night? But it might be worth bringing up in a session. Might be fun to bat this one around. Along with the latest bouts of drinking. Gonna be a fun week.

      September 7, 2009 at 12:19 am

  3. Q

    Taking two cars vs. you taking the same car there & back twice = same difference…?

    September 7, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    • bikinfool

      Q – point taken. There is some benefit to being in Syracuse an extra night. Also a benefit to putting less miles on my truck. The way this weekend went . . .

      September 7, 2009 at 9:39 pm

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