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Day 1838

This is the  Bikinfool’s once a decade public service announcement.

I’ve seen quite a few aluminum water bottles over the last few years.  People thought they were getting away from the BPA that can leach out of the polycarbonate (a type of plastic) variety.

Oops.  Read here:

The good news is that the company is offering a free exchange.  The bad news is that they were aware of the BPA’s in the liners for quite a while before they did anything about it – including admitting they knew.  Oops again.

The pond is recovering nicely.  I think I need to get a set of measuring cups dedicated to the use of pond related chemicals.  Saturday, while rushing through things a bit (in the rain) I kinda OD’d the pond on algaecide.  You know how a pool reacts to algaecide when you dose it right?  You get a bit of foaming when you agitate the water.  It usually breaks up pretty quickly.  But when a pond gets oohhh, about triple the normal dose, you not only get foaming upon agitation, it doesn’t break down.  The waterfalls?  Lovely agitation.  All. The. Time.  By Sunday morning, the pond looked like a giant bubble bath.  I could literally scoop the bubbles out with my skimmer net.

So.  Sunday morning I pumped out several thousand gallons while I also added fresh water from the tap (and water conditioner for chloramine treatment).  Sunday & Monday the fish kinda refused to eat.  The water was kinda cloudy and they seemed to want to hang out in the deeper areas.  Some sort of stratification going on?  Was the deeper water more to their liking?  Beats me.  Tuesday evening, while I was playing Rochester area Al-Anon Info Services newsletter editor, Zach texted me that the fishies were finally coming up to eat.  Last night, the water was definitely looking better and you know what?  The algae is gone.  Even the stuff growing on the liner.  All I really wanted to kill was the stuff suspended in the water, making it cloudy.  What I really need is mo better biological filtration.  More plants to suck up all the nutrients out of the water so the algae beasties don’t get a chance to proliferate.  Next year.

Chaperoning season has begun at school.  That leaves me evenings at home alone, well, once the kids are out & on their own again.  Anyone up for some evening dinner parties?  I’ll cook, promise!  I need something to keep me out of trouble.

Today Eric is off to Syracuse again for part, what, five? of this Onondaga County Dept. of Custody approval process.  Today he gets to do a physical, then when the results are faxed, called, sent along, he gets to go to another separate office for the psyche evaluation.  He spent Monday & Tuesday east of Syracuse camping with Kelly’s family, drove home so he could work Wednesday, has to drive back for testing today, and come back and work the next 3 days.  He and his car are getting run ragged.

Accidentally created a nice marinade last night.  Well – maybe it wasn’t an accident, but it certainly turned out better than I expected.  Zach and I were bemoaning the fact that here we get all this venison to eat and we rarely get to have any because our respective gals aren’t all that fond of it.  Tastes too gamey they say.  Bull puckey I say, but I’m not going to force them.

Anyhow, last night we took advantage of the fact that A – I found a pack of pork chops with only 2 in it, and B – Zach & I were both willing and able to have some venison.  Venison loin chops to be exact.  You know – to go with the pork loin hops the gals were having.  The pork loins got the typical treatment 1.5 hours before cooking, lightly salted, fresh ground black pepper and a light dusting of garlic powder.  Covered ‘em up and let them get happy in the fridge till cooking time.  For the venison chops, I did this (measurements very approximate):

¼ cup EVOO (that’s extra virgin olive oil for the uninitiated)

¼ cup Tabasco Soy sauce (New to me – found it in New Orleans, got some & drug it home – just like a deer!)

1 tsp garlic powder (wouldda used 2 cloves fresh, but I was lazy) (There is no such thing as too much garlic!)

1 tsp dried thyme

A dash of Tabasco (or 2, 3, 4 . . .)

Several grinder turns of black pepper

(No additional salt.  The soy sauce has plenty!)

Whisk together.  Place loin chops in a freezer bag, pour marinade in, seal bag.  Massage it a bit to get everything covered.  Let it sit in the fridge getting happy with the pork chops.

After an hour or so, grill to your choice of doneness.  I combined it with garlic smashed taters (with seriously sharp cheddar AND Asiago cheeses – heavenly! – but load up in moderation) and steamed dill carrots.

The venison was excellent. Maybe a tad overdone (medium is over done for venison), but the marinade kept it from getting dry.  Even with all our moaning & drooling, we couldn’t talk the gals into trying even a bite, but they were also pretty pleased with their own pork loin chops.  Mmmmmm – Pork fat!!

Today for lunch I got to have the leftover venison mixed with rice and some left over stir fry veggies from a night or two ago.  Added a touch more soy (light sodium variety), celery seed, more garlic, a little of Emeril’s Essence (home made mix), maybe ½ tsp of sesame oil and a teaspoon or so of my mesquite smoked dried habanero flakes.  Oh lordy –they hurt so good!

Side note – know what’s almost as good as Viagra?  Chopping up a bunch of habaneros, then when you’re done realizing you have to pee, but like normal you wash your hands after the dirty deed.  Mr. Happy will NOT be thanking you later.  And no – I didn’t share the joy of my new found ‘burning desire’.  I can not imagine getting capsaicin, well, there. It was quite enough getting it on an external part.  Just one more instance when a little latex would have kept Mr. Happy safe!

Went bowling tonite – season starts next week. After a warm up game I had 200, 211, 178.  Didn’t suck.

Tried to sneak in an update via crackberry earlier, but my work building kinda ate the signal.  The big news is that al these trips to Syracuse for Eric have paid off.  Pending the results of the drug test he took this afternoon, he officially has a spot in the academy.  So we now have an Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputy Cadet in residence.  Until he leaves to go to the academy.  Then, well, we can only claim he’s in the family.  But still . . . the culmination of 18 months of work for the guy.  Couldn’t be more proud.  I’m even buying him a beer when he gets home tonite!


3 responses

  1. Yippee! Eric.

    September 4, 2009 at 10:06 am

  2. Q

    I tried to read this the other day, but I did not have 3 hours to get through it all at the time. I’ll try again 🙂

    September 6, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    • bikinfool

      Yeah – wordy, huh?

      September 7, 2009 at 12:13 am

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