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Recycling an Old One

Day 1832

I was surfing through someone’s blog list (none of you regulars) and I ran across an old meme that someone posted in March (their last entry actually) .  They listed 13 random songs from their iPod (mp3 player, whatever).

Here’s a random sampling of what’s in my crackberry:

1 – AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

2 – Collective Soul – Gel

3 – Eagles – Already Gone

4 – Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Everything is Broken

5 – Buckwheat Zydeco – Ya Ya (thanks peej!)

6 – Ozzy Osburne – Mama I’m Comin’ Home

7 – Edgar Winter – Free Ride

8 – Guns-n-Roses – Mr. Brownstone

9 – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Back My Bullets

10 – Grateful Dead – Uncle John’s Band

11 – Boston – Rock & Roll Band

12 – Molly Hatchett – Dreams I’ll Never See

13 – Aerosmith – Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side (needs to be re-ripped)

So there you go.  The stuff that flows into my ears.  There’s more (obviously, I listen to more than 13 songs) but they didn’t manage to show up in the random sample.  Some of the ones I’m bummed didn’t make it include Hootie & the Blowfish, Talking Heads, Offspring (ya gotta keep ‘em sepa-rated), TSO, Huey Lewis, Billy Idol, Metallica, Chicago, Flatt & Scruggs – oh – I could go on for a long time . . .

<a href=””&gt; <b>Betty </b></a> is playing a little riddle game.  Check her comments to see who asked what.

To quote Ms. Betty:

“Three Questions: Ask me any three questions and I’ll answer them. Pretty simple huh? Pick it up and do it on your blog as well. Ask away.”

So.  Like Betty says – ask away!

Well, hell!  I thought I posted this thing already.  Since I haven’t, I’ll update y’all on the weekend too.

Saturday, Cindy & I got started early and had all our stuff done by 9:30-ish.  That left us the remainder of the day to help Zach & Jill close down their apartment, get stuff moved to storage and establish themselves back at our house.

We fiddle farted around, I overdosed the pond with algaecide, Jills parents rolled in, we had lunch (2-ish), started a turkey in the smoker, drove over to the kids house (roof’s done, basement & garage floors are poured, windows & doors in.  Next up is plumbing, wiring, heating & siding) and then went to pick up the Uhaul.  In a backhanded way, we got lucky in that Zach couldn’t get a truck till 4pm.  Most of the morning & early afternoon in rained, but by late afternoon the weather had turned gorgeous.

Got the kids stuff loaded up, then stopped back at our house for a smoked turkey dinner.  Cindy stayed hoe to finish coking up dinner and keep an eye on the turkey.  Someplace in there she also squeezed in a trip to the liquor store.  I only now this because while we were loading the kids stuff I got a hone call from Cindy asking what temp the turkey had to reach to be considered done.  In a minor miracle, the turkey got cooked at about the same time Cindy did.  She was able to pull the turkey out of the smoker, cover it in foil and hang on till we got back.

So.  After loading the truck, we stopped back at the house and had us a turkey dinner.  Cindy wasn’t falling down drunk, but she may have been the only person to think that she was ‘just fine’.  Pretty fucking annoying.

Dinner was nice – smoked the turkey in oak chips from a Tabasco aging barrel.  Different and not at all bad.  Gotta try it on pork next.  Or maybe bratwurst.  Hmmmmmm . . .

After cleaning up dinner, we headed to the storage place, unloaded the truck in record time, said our good-byes to Greg & Julie (Jilly-beans parents) took the truck back to Upay – Uhaul, went home and collapsed.  Finally.  At about 11pm.

All just to get up on Sunday and go over to the kids apartment and get what wouldn’t fit in the truck, haul it to storage and do a final clean up.  Feel like I’ve been lifting, hauling and cleaning shit all weekend.  It’s good to be back at work resting up a bit.  Desk jobs DO have their benefits!!

Cindy’s damages – about 2/3 of a 750ml bottle of vodka.  A definite change from her usual medicine.  Also her 3rd bottle this month.  Normally one wouldn’t think that to be too bad, but we were gone a week AND she’s in AA fer cryin’out loud!

Neat thing about my crackberry – it has a memo app.  Annette advised me to keep track of days I felt Cindy had been partaking of self-medication.  She thought that since I wasn’t going to confront her with it until things got out of hand, I ought to at least keep track so I have some idea of how things are.   I need to reconcile keeping track of this against the Al-Anon guidance that advises against doing just that.

Sunday was also funny in that Cindy offered up a little sumpin-sumpin that morning – before I headed with the kids to wrap up at their apartment.  I think maybe she was trying to buy my silence about Saturday night – ie – a little nooky on my part means that all is forgiven.  Silly girl.  I have a Y chromosome.  Separating sex from love comes as easy as operating a TV remote.

I will probably never reveal to her my note taking.  I think I’ll just use it to tell me when to say when.  When it looks like the next bottom is coming, I’ll confront her, again.  We’ll do the dance, there’ll be a tense period, then a thawing.  Then she’ll figure something out in her head – one way or another, and we’ll move on.  After that, I think if another bottom comes along, it might just be MY bottom.  My bottom, but not my ass.

Hmmm.  Not much else happening.  Was planning on a garage sale labor day weekend.  Ain’t going to happen.  We’ll need that weekend to get stuff ready.  Don’t know what to expect for traffic the weekend after Labor Day.  College kids are settled in, I think we’re just hoping to get the regulars to come through.

Ahh, guess I’ll just get this posted.  Thinking about getting a Twit(ter) account set up too.  We’ll see.


3 responses

  1. Q

    I see your favicon. Pretty fly for a white guy…

    I need to go find my Kenny Wayne Shepherd cd – that one never got loaded onto my iPod.

    September 1, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    • bikinfool

      Any idea how many cd’s Kenny Wayne Shepard has ut? All I have is the one with “Blue on Black” & “everything is Broken” on it. Wouldn’t know what else to get!

      ‘Bout that icon – Had one with the “Run Forrest Run” license plate, but the expression on my face was just too normal. Couldn’t have that!

      September 1, 2009 at 11:36 pm

  2. Q

    I don’t know. That’s the CD I have, too…

    September 2, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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