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Pre Nawlins Quickie

Day 1816

I hate the edays of work prior to a vacation.  It’s like you’re trying to pack all the activities youo might be doing while you’re gone into the last few days before you leave.  It’s nuckin futz I tell ya!

Been a whirlwind around here lately.  Traded in Cindy’s car.  The car with the ‘new to us’ engine after that Pep Boys oil change debacle.  It didn’t qualify for the cash for clunkers deal, but we both feel better about getting rid of the olld beastie and getting her in something more reliable for the coming winter.  Throw in 10 years free roadside assistance, 10 years bumber to bumber warranty  a 3K rebate and a really generous trade in allowance – it’s like we had to.

My van qualifies for the clunker deal.  Trying to find a light truck that I could tow a pop up camper with but would still qualify for the clunker rebate.  Have it narrowed down to 3 choices.  Now to find one before the rebates dry up . . .

In other news – the basement walls are poured at Zach’s house.  By the time we get back from NOLA they may have the framing completed.   That’d be awesome.

Eric goes in for a polygraph test Thursday in stage 3 of the job process in the neighboring county’s sheriff’s department.  We’re really feeling optimistic about the whole thing.  The Academy starts in 6 weeks!  Cross everything you have (fingers, toes, arms, eyes) for the boy.

I’ve also gotta run.  We’re headed to the airport in the morning (at like 5am) to leave for New Orleans.  I saw the weather forecast.  I am very scared.  We might melt down there.  I don’t know how you guys handle the heat & humidity.  I’d REALLY rather have a little snow.

Off to bed, that 4am wake up call is gonna suck!


3 responses

  1. Hey B,

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful time. I’m in the midst of the C4C deal myself. We’ll see if it all works out. Causes me much stress. Hope you guys are enjoying the heck out of NOLA.

    August 12, 2009 at 9:20 am

  2. Q

    How’s the vacay goin’? Didja melt yet?

    August 12, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    • bikinfool

      We caught a break & it stayed below 85 for the day. The rain shower helped – at least there are balconies galore. Supposed to hit 90 today, but we have a plan – hotel pool during the peak.

      August 13, 2009 at 9:02 am

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