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TMI Tuesday Holdover

Day 1802

1. The three words that best describe you are attention, deficit, and disorder.

2. The three words that best describe your life are boringly regular shit.

3. Your three guilty pleasures are anything peanutty, almost anything chocolate and watching Survivor.
4. The three places you would like to visit before you die are Alaska, Yellowstone and Scotland (and Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Yosemite . . .)

5. The three things you would like to do before you die are bungee jump/skydive, learn the secret to eternal happiness and discover the fountain of youth.

That’s wasn’t so bad now, was it?  I could have been a LOT naughtier with that last one, but I thought it best to stick with a family rate type answer.  (Yes, it was THAT bad).

Cindy and I are playing a little game (a good one), where we have this list of questions numbered from 1 to 60.  We each pick 10 questions at random.  Once the questions are picked, we read and answer all 20, out loud.  Sometime we know the answer the other one will give.  Often, we learn a little about the other.  It occurred to me while I was filling out the TMI Tuesday thing that these would be great questions for our little game.  Janine (our counselor) and one of the book authors (John Gottman) call this ‘love mapping’ – going back and rediscovering what makes your spouse, partner or significant other tick.

Yeah – I’m quick like that.  I’ve only seen these things for what, years?  And it just now occurs to me that they might come in handy in figuring out the freakin person I’m married to (for 27.9506 years!!)

When we were talking with Janine Monday, I had mentioned taking one or more of the books we’ve been studying to New Orleans with us.  Cindy looked at me like I was crazy, but Janine said it was a good idea.  There would be plenty of down time (airports, airplanes, evenings in The Quarter, maybe a quiet afternoon in one of the gardens or parks . . .) where you wouldn’t need to have the book right with you, but it would be an opportunity to explore some of those questions.  Might be a good idea to go exploring the TMI Tuesday and, Friday Fill In sites and harvest some questions.  I could just print them out and keep a copy handy in a back pocket.  Anybody know of any other sites like that?

Ummmm – I’ve discovered that our fish are cliquey.  Especially the newest ones, although that may be a defense mechanism.  I noticed that the new guys tend to hang out with fish the same size/age (days or weeks of difference I’m thinking).  That probably reduce the odds that you’ll be eaten by your playmates.  If they were to hang out with the big guys, well, lets just say that koi tend to eat what ever they can get into their mouths.  As proof, I will offer up the little tidbit that while there are great tussles over any stray worms I might throw in the pond, only the koi will scarf down the slugs.  I’d say that’s proof of their lack of pickiness.  Ugh.

This weekend we’re off to the Pocono’s area for a family reunion.  One of Cindy’s unks lives near Jim Thorpe, so we’re going to go terrorize eastern Pa. for a few days.  Provided we survive, I’ll offer up a report on the state of that section of the world.


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  1. Q

    I always enjoyed the other meme site Friday’s Feast, but it seemed to have unexpectedly up’n’died a while back. That’s why I started doin’ the Fill-Ins. I show 14 posts tagged with the Feast tho, so feel free to steal the questions from my blog that way (go to July 18, 2008 post & click the tag at the bottom).

    Have a fun weekend, wherever that is & feel free to email the rest of those answers directly! 🙂

    July 29, 2009 at 10:19 pm

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