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Catching Up

Day 1760 & 1761 Catching Up

Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly getting caught back up. The cold from hell appears to be retreating. Still haven’t got back to spin class (9 days!!) because any attempt at really deep breathing kicks off a coughing frenzy. Not nice in a class where people are trying to get healthy.

Getting wedding photos put up on line as well. Got that batch taken with my little pocket camera posted the other night (see the last post for the link) and am working on the shots from the other camera that include shots of the reception venue, gobs of reception pics and a few (dozen) shots of the wedding party in more casual settings. Kinda winnowed it down to the to 100 shots. Unfortunately, my dsl connection at home is slow like molasses and uploading has turned into a painful process. Hmmm, I might be better off going to Panera Breads and using their free wifi. At least I could have a cup of coffee and a muffin or something while borrowing their network.

Work. Busy as all get out. Demanding more time. Work thinks that since the wedding is over, I ought to have plenty of time to dive into some new projects. New, kinda too visible projects that may have job security implications.

Combine that with the successes Cindy and I are having with counseling and the need/desire to spend more time nurturing that and, well, you have a need for a 30 hour day. 31 if one wants to include minimal blogging time.

Yesterday (Wednesday now) I spent my lunch hour in a session with Annette, my “first” counselor. At 6pm I was in a couples session with Janine and at 7 I had a one on one with her. I’m kinda therapized (new word, shut it) out for the moment. On the plus side, I see us making progress. On the minus side, there’s more to be done. We’ve done the easy stuff so far. Things that are easy to change or just NOT do. Now we (me especially) have to get down and start working on the harder, deeper ingrained things.

I’m sure this is a guy thing, but I seem to have trouble picking up the thread of a conversation that was dropped with the intent of finishing it later. The outcome of this annoying trait is that it appears I am not interested in finishing the conversation. In my head, the truth of the matter is that it somehow lost it’s position in the stack of the things I’m currently thinking about.

The really embarrassing part is that one of the more recent conversation threads I ‘misplaced’ was on this very subject, and I asked if we could stop the email discussion and finish it off that evening face to face. By the time the evening rolled around and we had a chance too sit and talk is was after 8:30. Cindy had just gotten home from her AA meeting, I snuck in some work while she was out and then threw dinner together. By 8:30pm I was done. The suspended conversation completely eluded my grasp. Did Cindy bring it up at the time? No. She was waiting for me to remember. But! The next night, while having dinner at the Olive Garden she mentioned something about “that conversation we were going to finish”. Caught me completely flat footed and flat brained. Of course she picks a restaurant (not crowded, but FAR from private) to re-start the conversation about why I’m so shitty at remembering to re-start conversations. I don’t know – to me a restaurant is an inappropriate place to have a conversation like that. And it’s happened twice this year already. I like my private conversations to be just that – private. Both times I could tell that the waitress had picked up on the general vibes of the conversation and they were uncomfortable about having to interrupt us to do their work. Cindy either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Based on how I’ve seen her read people – I think she just doesn’t get the whole body language thing on a conscious level. How to read it, or how she sends it.

Shit. I need to take notes on this and keep them in my pocket for a talk tonight!

Till I finish uploading the rest of the wedding pics, here are a few teasers:

Breakfast View

Breakfast View

Empty Pavillion

Empty Pavillion

Before the Craziness

Before the Craziness

That’s all for now.  Gotta get ready for spin in the morning.  Finally.


2 responses

  1. Glad you are feeling well enough to spin. Wedding pics are awesome. Thanks for posting. Have a fab weekend!

    June 19, 2009 at 5:17 am

  2. HAR! Therapized! I’m getting a bit therapized myself! Can’t wait to see the pavilion all decked out for the par-tay, it looks so beautiful there. Very excited for you and your fam that the wedding went so well, and that you and Cindy are getting it together, Brian, you deserve happiness.

    June 22, 2009 at 5:08 am

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