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Day 1751

Good Lord what a weekend!  Gorgeous weather, perfect site, nearly flawless execution all day long.  I have 250+ pictures to sort through, details to capture, all sorts of stuff to remember.

Ooops.  Y’s open, time to run for now.  (I’ll explain that later)





The explanation – I was sitting at the Y, early, having just dropped the happy couple off at the airport for their honeymoon.  They arrived at my house @ 4:45am, we moved their luggage into the van, I had them at the departure ramp @ 4:53am.  Yes, we live something like 2 miles from the ticket counter. (If you’re ever flying into Rochester and need a lift, let me know.)

From the airport, I stopped & got a coffee, and hit the Y.  Got there 10 or so minutes before they opened, so I thought I’d get started on this.  Didn’t make much progress.

So.  There were requests related to this wedding.  First – folks wanted evidence of me in a tux.  Got that.  There will of course be a picture or 300 of the couple, the wedding party, the party party, the reception site, and for Roxie – the cake (4 tier, square, chocolate with raspberry .  Those will all be included below, AND I’ll put a bunch up on flikr or picasa or photobucket or one of those places.  I’ll put some on Facebook too, but none of you really know that ink so it’s kinda moot, eh?

The whole weekend really came off without a hitch.  Everybody was on their bestest behavior.  There were no drama queens, no little princesses and Jill is/was as far from a Bridezilla as one could get.  Both kids had a really relaxed attitude going into the whole thing.  They did a great job planning, and it showed in the execution.

The DJ was a fun guy.  I only made three song requests all night, and I must have hit him in lulls or something because everything got played.  What were those requests?  The first song got stuck in my head early Friday, so I HAD to hear it to get it out of me head.  When I made my request, I told the DJ it might be a little cliché, but could he slip in Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” at some point.  He actually said that not that many people request it at weddings.  Hmmmm.  Curiously enough, the next song up was “Rolly Poley” followed immediately by “White Wedding”.

Second request?  The nieces wanted to hear one, they thought I apparently had some pull with the DJ, so they asked me to request “Pick Me Up Buttercup”.  Voila – doneski!

The last request?  Happened at 10:30 – the last song of the night.  I asked the DJ for Metalica, “Enter Sandman”.  He looked at me like I was some idiot savant of playlist making and ditched his own final song and let it rip with the Metallica.   He even cranked up the volume a bit.  More.  Holy cow, it got loud.  Talk about ending the party with a bang!  Pus, I have some weird fascination with that particular tune – the way it builds, the slightly sinister sound, the presumed innocence of the child, the drum parts the guitar parts, the fullness of the sound – (especially when it’s really, really loud).

Anyhow.  Wedding details.

Bridesmaids were done up in a grayish periwinkle blue.  Jill gave them each a fabric sample, told them the length (full) and said “Go pick out a gown you like”.  Relieved herself of making the decisions and trying to find a “best fit for all involved”  Genius.  Guys were all tuxed up.  Black, with pinstriping done with texture, not color.  Satin lapels.  Zach wore an ivory vest & tie, the best man & ushers wore the periwinkle vest with black ties and the dads got gray vests with black ties.  In my opinion, very sharp and classy, with understated elegance.  Clean & simple.  Jills mom wore a chocolate tea length dress that really played to her complexion.  Cindy was wearing a plum colored tea length dress with some ivory toned highlights and a (very) light jacket for the evening when it cooled.

Jills dress.  Strapless, not overly ornate, medium sized train – Yeah, I do a sucky job of describing it.  In rough chronological order, here are the highlights:

Males in my family NOT in the wedding party

Males in my family NOT in the wedding party

From the left, the twins, the twins dad (youngest brother), Lefty, me holding down the right end.

The Under 30 Gang at the Wedding

The Under 30 Gang at the Wedding

The New Mr. and Mrs.

The New Mr. and Mrs.

Between church service and reception - getting organized.

Between church service and reception - getting organized.

Photo op down by the pool during cocktail hour.

Photo op down by the pool during cocktail hour.

The kids first dance

The kids first dance

Mom and her son on the floor

Mom and her son on the floor

The Best Man (Eric) offering the toast.  He did a fine, fine job.  Brief, poignant, touching.

The Best Man (Eric) offering the toast. He did a fine, fine job. Brief, poignant, touching.

Chocolate, raspberry between layers, butter cream frosting.  Clean, elegant.

Chocolate, raspberry between layers, butter cream frosting. Clean, elegant.

He's supposed to be getting the garter.  I don't know what he needs a minute for . . .

He's supposed to be getting the garter. I don't know what he needs a minute for . . .

Last notes about the reception – In a typical start to the reception itself, the wedding party, including parents, was introduced.  When Zach and Jill were introduced, they proceeded straight to the dance floor and banged out their dance and nailed it.  That was followed immediately by Jill dancing with her dad and Zach dancing with Cindy.    From there, they took a short break, then jumped into the cake cutting/mashing ceremony.  After a quick clean up, they did the garter/bouquet dealie.  In a HUGE surprise, Eric got the garter, his girlfriend Kelly somehow managed to catch the bouquet.  I really don’t know the odds of repeating THAT random event.  Once in a lifetime, I’m sure.

After the garter toss, everybody refreshed their drinks for the toast, then dinner started.  With all the required functions done, there was nothing left to do but party.  Best part?  No chicken dance, no Hokey Pokey, no Macarena.  Zach’s request.  The Electric Slide was allowed, and there were one or two line dances.  It was so refreshing to not have to put up with those tired old “standards”.  And we got to close out with Metalica.  Pretty cool.

I may have to return to do some formatting changes, I’m kinda flinging this out there to capture it all.  I’ll probably toss a bunch of pics up on a hosting page too, (I mentioned that, right?) and I’ll post a link.

I’m going to go collapse.


7 responses

  1. Thanks for the cake pics, B. Gorgeous! It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful to-do. Well done.

    June 9, 2009 at 7:37 am

    • Thanks Roxie! Forgot to add that the cake was delish too! I’m still dragging two days later. Te drain is incredible.

      June 9, 2009 at 5:52 pm

  2. Oh looks like you had a great time! Bride, couple, cake – just beautiful! We had our first wedding in November – four more to go!! It is a relief that it is over after all that planning – but I love looking at all the pictures! I love the Bride Swept Off Her Feet pic – and how happy they both look in the New Mr. & Mrs. Congrats.

    June 9, 2009 at 11:45 am

  3. Four to go? Don’t know how you’re going to manage Patty. The kids were floating on cloud nine all day. When I dropped them at the airport Monday morning, they were STILL floating!

    June 9, 2009 at 5:54 pm

  4. Q


    June 9, 2009 at 8:47 pm

  5. I require more pictures. I’m doing recon from across the nation. (32 days to go for me………)

    How did the pastry chef keep the butter cream from slipping? I assume that it wasn’t cold out….Most pastry chefs won’t do butter cream on outdoor weddings for that reason.

    I’m interested. Also, I’m having cheesecake at my wedding. Cheap ass, that’s me!

    June 15, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    • bikinfool

      I can’t speak to technical details like how the frosting stuck. It wasn’t that warm, mid 70’s maybe? It’s possible the cake was kept in a cooler. I can tell you that that puppy was sliced up and served right after dinner. Think that was a nod to the frosting submitting to gravity? There was cheese cake too – little mini cakes that were brought out late in the evening. I somehow managed to avoid those little bombs.

      More pics are posted!! Just put up a few, more coming. Check the newest post for the link.

      June 15, 2009 at 10:29 pm

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