Always tweaking something!

Tempus Fugit

Day, umm, lessee here, 1718!!

Wow.  Tempus fugit.  Must have been too busy having fun to spend any time here.

Know what’s weird?  The firewall at work originally let us roam pretty much where ever we wanted, as long as there were no nekkid people being displayed on the sites we visited.  I’d assumed that other sites like Facebook, and MySpace were also blocked, being social networking sites.  Then, last year sometime, the firewall started blocking journal and blogging sites.  That, in part, prompted my move to WordPress – that and the fat that Dland was charging $30+ a year and would only host 5M or so of images.

Then even the WP site was blocked, along with blogger, Dland, blogspot – ALL those kinds of places.  That put a serious crimp in my lunchtime blog surfing and forced me to try and keep up at home in the evening.  That wasn’t working so well.

Last week, I accidentally found out that the firewall has relented and is allowing access to blogspot sites again, so I can renew my peeking in on all you blogspot folks.  That relieves the log jam in the evenings some, so maybe I have a prayer of keeping up now.

In newsworthy happenings, there is none!  Well, ok, there is a bit, but it’s the usual, boring, mundane day to day crap that seems to drive our lives.

Saturday I finally, FINALLY got my bike out and rode it for more than a trip around the block.  Upside?  I rode it to the Y for the Saturday morning spin class.  Down side?  It was 38 freakin degrees at 6:45.  Wearing shorts wasn’t all that bad.  What sucked was not being able to find my riding gloves.  It’s only 4.238 miles to the Y, but the combination of cool temps and a 17mph wind-chill was rough on the hands.  The ride home was much better, as it seemed to have warmed up 6 degrees or so during class.

You’d think I could remember what else happened Saturday.  Oh yeah – jewelry party here.  I left.  Went to work, because I saw that as more fun than hanging out at an estrofest like one of those parties.  Oy. Win win.

    Monday.  Tuesday.  Wednesday.  Work.  Good lord, are we busy.  Scramble mode.  I did manage to ride in today, got some gorgeous weather.  Unfortunately, it’s kinda tough when you finally crawl out of the lab and discover that it’s already after 6pm!  Go to the locker room, change, hit the road 20 minutes later, make it home before 7, just in time for Cindy to head off to her meeting.  We get to spend so much leisure time together during the week!!  Not.

    Kids wedding in precisely one month.  4 weeks and 3 days.  Since they seem to have the wedding details under control, they’ve been looking at houses.  They’ve spent a lot of time looking on-line, but this past week went to see some new built places locally.  In this one development only 2.5 miles from us, the builder has only 3 lots left to sell.  The kids have been spending some time talking with the builders agent.  It now appears that the builder is willing to knock $10K off the list price and throw in all the upgrades for free.  To give you an idea of what the real estate market is like around here, the kiddo’s are looking at a 1950 sq ft house for way, way under $100 a sq ft.  With the builders incentives (plus an additional $8K in tax incentives next year!) it’s looking like it’ll be hard to say no.  More excitement around here.  It’s just too much.

    I’m gonna go sleep.  Maybe more tomorrow, eh?


    3 responses

    1. Q

      Peek away 😉

      May 7, 2009 at 12:13 am

    2. Oddly, our filter at works let me get to all blogs except for Fatcyclist… apparently that one is BAD.

      May 13, 2009 at 5:49 am

      • bikinfool

        Our work filter lets me get to Fatty, but anything wordpress is verboten. It’s just weird.

        May 14, 2009 at 9:01 pm

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