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Day 1709 See that little bit down below there in all italics?   That’s what I’d started way back on 4/22 with intentions of finishing posting it later that day. Like in the evening.

Day 1704  What’s in a Name

So we have some really unique names out there and at least one chart topper who has thousands of namesakes. I even checked on Cindy to she how she would do – she has 3 duplicates, and one of them is a sister-in-law in Tennessee. Another is in Indiana, where I have some relatives, but she doesn’t appear to be near one of my twins geographically. Sadly, I don’t really know where my cousins live either, so I don’t know if I have another in-law by the name of Cindy.

Now it’s what, the 27th already? What the hell happened? (I’m not sure if you are asking that, but I sure am) How does one lose track of so many damn days? Well, I’ll tell ya. That Wednesday evening was couples counseling V.6 Pretty decent session. It started later than usual for us (6pm vs 5pm), so Cindy kind sorta gave up on any hope of getting to a meeting that night. Instead we hit up a little diner in the town where we’re doing the counseling and had dinner. Nice little diner, decent dinner. Even had a productive conversation that didn’t just skim over the highlights of the day. Unfortunately, I usually update things here while Cindy is off at her meetings. She has some irrational loathing of me spending any time on the computer if she is within 4.3 nautical miles of me. But that’s another whole discussion for another day. Point is, no meeting for her, no update for me.

Thursday. Busy at work because I wanted to take Friday off. Weather was forecast to be gorgeous and we have a porch to paint. So I stayed and slaved till pretty late.

Friday. Vacation day. Eh – not so much. Fiddle farted around in the morning – knocked off some trim pieces that have been hanging around for a couple weeks now. Mostly waiting for a decision on whether or not we were heading in to see The Bob. Turns out we weren’t, but I didn’t know that till nearly lunch time. Still managed to get the rest of the porch primed before dinner. What a pain in the (pick an appropriate body part) that priming was! I used a Zinser BIN primer that was meant for exterior use, had mildew retardant and stain blocking properties. It was also really viscous. Cindy had done the east wall and part of the north wall the previous weekend. All I had to do was finish the north wall (3/4 of a 24 foot run, PLUS the doors) and the west wall. It was all going pretty good till I got to the western wall and discovered the sun shining directly into my eyes anytime I needed to paint around the window edges.

Even when not staring directly into the sun, the shadows it created, especially with the screen, made it challenging to focus on where the paint was going. While I was wrapping up the priming, Cindy got started on the first coat of real color. By 5 – 5:30 in the evening, we were pooped. Or so we thought. On a side note – the weather Friday was gorgeous. Over 80, low humidity, lots of sun.

Saturday, by the time I wandered downstairs and got a cup of coffee Cindy was already outside painting. At 8:15. Must have been something I said about not appreciating her sitting inside watching some shit show on the “All men are bad” channel (aka Lifetime) while I was outside painting – having taken the day off to ‘help her’ paint the porch. (Cuz initially she said I didn’t need to take vacation time to help her – she could do it herself. But after she got 1/3 of the priming done in a weeks time, she was amenable to some help)

Anyhow. We split the job. Cindy did everything above the knee wall, I did everything below. I might have had more surface area to paint, but she had more detail work to do. Worked out well. By late afternoon, we had the walls done in two coats, made a trip to the home store to get shades and even got 4 of the 6 shades installed. Then, just to be stubborn, we also got half the floor painted. THAT was a killer. Stooped over, brushing paint into the seams (gooping the cracks), then rolling the planks themselves.

Had another gorgeous weather day. 85+ degrees, sunny, dry, breeze picking up late in the day.

Sunday morning. Somehow we lost 30 or 40 degrees. Still warm enough to paint, so I did. Second coated the half of the floor we did Saturday night. When it was dry enough to tolerate stepping, we moved furniture (gently) and first coated the remainder of the floor. It was so cool though that the stain wasn’t really drying, especially the second coat. Now, Monday evening, still need to second coat that last half of the floor, but I never got dinner wrapped up till nearly 7:30. What with all the bending, squatting, kneeling, squinting, standing, bending, squatting, kneeling over & over & over my back & glutes are cooked. Tonight was deemed rest time – so I did.

Finally broke out The Bob’s camera – way fancier than I’m used to. It’s a Nikon D50, a real live digital SLR. Going to take some time to learn all the bells, whistles & features, but it is more like the older film based SLR’s I’m used to using. Makes the forsythia bush out front look like this:

Exploding Forsythia

Exploding Forsythia

One of the nicer parts of Spring in Rah-cha-ha. After 3 or 4 months of snow, mud & gray, it sure is nice to see the flowers arrive, finally.


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