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So Much

Day 1702

Wow. So much has changed, but it’s still all kinda the same.

So what’s happened since we last chatted? A lot, a little, most good, none really ‘bad’.

It’s been what, 5 days? So, lets see, I saw Annette for a session, then that very same day also saw Janine. Was kinda bummed about that session because that damn ‘feelings’ journal I’ve been keeping wasn’t brought up. I could have wedged it in, but it wasn’t how the flow of the conversation was going so I didn’t force it. Still, keeping the journal is a good exercise. I used to think I just never knew what my emotions/feelings were unless things ran to extremes, but in keeping the journal I’ve found that I can articulate my emotional state pretty well internally, I just don’t communicate it externally. Why? Years of conditioning. “Big boys don’t cry”, “Take it like man”, “keep your chin up”, “stiff upper lip”, “Never let them see you sweat” and all to often getting myself into the roll of mediator. So it looks like what’s next is learning to appropriately communicate the feeling and leave it out there, not fearing the reaction or repercussions it may bring.

On to lighter fare . . .

I think it was Friday (another gorgeous day up here in camp Rahchacha), as I was leaving the Y after spin class, I saw a guy standing next to his mini-van with the side door open. It was 7am, maybe 45 degrees out. He was shirtless for a minute, then he pulled a t-shirt on. After that, he proceeded to remove his shoes & socks and pull on some clean socks & sneakers. In the middle of the parking lot, all in a direct line of sight to the front door. He apparently finished up and proceeded into the gym. Does he not know there’s a locker room inside, built for the express purpose of changing ones clothes in relative warmth & security?

And what is it with women who are reluctant to use the locker room? Heck, I’m married to one and I can’t make sense of it. Cindy’s objections have more to do with discomfort in getting all nakey in public and using public showers. So the alternative is to get all hot & sweaty than put your good coat on and drive home (all hot & sweaty) to shower there? I think better than half the girls in spin class (better than ¾ actually) shun the showers. Eew. Flip flops, big fluffy towels, shower stalls with curtains – you don’t have to let anyone see you nekkid unless you want to or don’t care. Me personally? I think I’m just too old to care much anymore. The only thing that REALLY gets me is when these old guys get the urge to clear out some toe jam or something and they go at it while they’re standing somewhere in your field of view – like directly in front of you, but maybe 12 – 15 feet away. In the electronics business, we have a phrase that describes the orientation of an IC when you’re trying to visualize it on a circuit board for getting signals routed to it. That phrase is “balls down, rear view”. Say that and TRY not to picture some 70 year old guy vigorously drying his toes without benefit of a stool. Yeah. You’re welcome. I am SO happy to put THAT picture in your head.

In less disgusting news – the forsythia out front is starting to bloom. That can mean only one thing – time to re-seed/overseed the lawn. Used forty freakin’ pounds of seed this year. Leaving those piles of leaves on the lawn over winter, combined with an unusually high rate of mole activity, the pond and porch projets and just the shit job the lawn care company has done over the last 3 years has left our lawn looking rather sad. Spent the bulk of Saturday seeding, spreading seed friendly fertilizer (some ‘quick start’ stuff), spreading some stuff called “Mole Max” that’s supposed to make the soil intolerable to moles (armadillos too – like we have a problem with them!)

Also broke down and got me a bigger, longer, stronger scooper net for the pond. I scooped out a bunch more leaves, but now the pond water is so agitated it looks green. Also got some extra filter material for the skimmer. With all the muck stirred up the filters get plugged and starve the pump in about 8 hours. Not great for the pump. Matter of fact, I need to cal Cindy and fill her in on how to change the filters over – they’ll be needing it soon I think.

Update on the filter dealie – boy, did it need changing. Barely any flow at all. I have 2 stages of filtering – one to keep out the big leaves & live floating plants, plus the filter media for the particulate (i.e. algae) this time of year. They were all plugged up. That isn’t real good for the pump motor. It’s a submersible pump that depends on the water it’s (supposed to be) submersed in (hence the name . . .) to keep it cool. I think Cindy has it set back to running right. When I called to ask her how it was doing she said there was barely a trickle coming out of the hose. Not good. That thing usually runs like a fire hose.

What this really means is I need to get the water falls fixed. Running the water falls will bring a third, much larger filter into play. Plus it’ll be really cool to finally have them going. Problem is, I have a couple three leaks getting from the virtual stream bed to the last, big table rock that creates the ledge. In a silly, not well thought out move, we plunked this rock down (all 500 lbs of it) on top of the liner. From there, I thought it would be simple to build walls of stone & sealing foam that would guide the water from the stream bed out to the shelf. Well, I was 99.9% right. But that 0.1% results in about a quart a minute lost in two or three separate leaks. It would only take about 700 – 800 gallons lost to put the pump back into the danger zone – running like mad with no water to keep it cool. That would take all of 2 – 3 days.

The new plan is to gather up the liner, lift the ass end of the rock and scoot one layer of the liner out from under it, then flop it back over the top of the ledge. From there, it’s pretty straight forward to build a channel and use a boat load of rocks to camouflage the liner. I hope.

Got enough work done Sunday morning & early afternoon that Eric & I managed to get out golfing Sunday afternoon (while the turkey was in the smoker!!). Kids got me a new golf bag for Christmas that’s a few pounds lighter than my old one AND it has the nice backpack style carry strap AND the little bipod legs that pop out when you put the bag down. All that to say that even on a moderately hilly course, it was a breeze to walk 9 holes. Didn’t make me golf any better, but it might have kept me from golfing worse. Also, FINALLY, I had a relatively good day hitting a 9.5 degree Taylor Burner Bubble driver I kinda sorta inherited. Out of 7 drives, 5 were dead center in the fairway, averaging 230 – 260 yards out, depending in wind. The two that missed the fairway I just pulled a wee bit. They went straight, I just got off line. Like a whole fairway off. Oops.

Found this odd tool on a phone look up thingy. It’s here: Put your name in (no middle initial) and it tells you how many of you there are. Without giving away the farm, I can say that I have the #7,152,593 ranked full name in the country. I share this name (Brian with an I, not a Y) with 2 other guys, one in Indiana and one in Minnesota. ( – and me in New York. We are nothing if not cold tolerant.) My surname is the #20,863 ranked last name in the country and my first name is #30. Two curious side notes – my last name is the #1309 first name in the country and the combination of my last name as a first name combined with Cindy’s maiden name as a last name is ranked #1,458,711 and there are 5 times as many people with this name than my real name. Weird. Follow that? (In essence, my last name is a woman’s first name. A bit uncommon, but still – Cindy is in the unusual positin of having two first names (three if you count her middle name).

Just for fun, I looked up Michael Hunt. I’ve known 3 Michael Hunts (they insist on being called Michael. Odd, eh?) There are 978 sets of parents so callous they would name their son that.

I thin you all should go waste some time and find out where your name ranks. And come back here and report, of course. How many of YOU are there?


5 responses

  1. Q

    There are only two of me. My twin is in Colorado!

    April 20, 2009 at 10:24 pm

  2. Scott Palmer

    hey cool blog

    April 20, 2009 at 11:01 pm

  3. It comes as no surprise to those who know me, but there is only one of me. I’m, um, unique.

    April 21, 2009 at 5:20 am

  4. Q

    I was shocked that there was more than one of me!

    April 21, 2009 at 10:43 pm

  5. geekbetty

    my name is ranked #483. my last name is THREE. geez. I’m not so original.

    April 22, 2009 at 9:06 am

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