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Ides of April

Day 1697

Oh, the pains of being someone’s power of attorney! And a procrastinator. Last night, a mere 27 hours before the tax filing deadline, I FINALLY noticed I had no 1099 for The Bob’s Social Security income. I thought I had no worries – I could just log onto the Social Security website and download a pdf of his statement from 2008.

Heh. I’ve apparently become too dependant on technology to bail my ass out when I get in a jam. What I had was actually a multi level problem. What was The Bob’s address of record as far as the SSA was concerned? The Legacy? Heather Heights? My house? I really didn’t know. Oh – as a word of warning, the SSA does not have pdf’s of your (or anyone’s) 1099. But they will MAIL you a copy (to your address of record) within 10 days of receiving your request. Not good news on April 14th.

So. The Bob will be filing an extension. He also needs to file a new W4P so that he gets some take withheld from his pension. Poor guy gets pounded every April and the IRS is getting a little pissed about it. They’re asking him (me) to pay estimated taxes quarterly because he has so little withheld. Oh, suuuurrrre – if the government owes you money, they’ll reconcile at the end of the year, but they want you to pay up every week. So I’ve been dragging my feet on that one too. Passive aggression and government agencies – this could go on for years. Ultimately, I’ll have to even things up, might even do it soon, but as long as I balance the books with the IRS every April, I’m not going to sweat it. Much.

I started an entry a while back that answered a couple comments, then promptly didn’t post it, I think. So here goes again.

Rox – About that big box warehouse store trip – Sure, we ended up saving $50 instead of $20 because of a cashiers typo, but we STILL ended up spending more than we intended. It’s amazing how much stuff finds it’s way into your cart. We ended up with a 6 Qt. crock pot that wasn’t on our shopping list. How? My new plan? Cash only. Make a list. Estimate the cost, take in THAT MUCH cash – no credit, debit or ATM cards, no checks. Matter of fact – leave ‘em home. Go with a list, your drivers license, membership card and cash. Then, if you come up short at the register (maybe bring a calculator?), you get to decide what to live without.

Peej – I am SO tempted to mail you a banana. Green, of course. Whadaya think the postage would be? Think a forever stamp would work? I really hope they hand cancel it too.

Q – Birdseed in my crevices? I thin you’re right. We’ll all end up like the crooks in Home Alone II with the pigeons (sky rats) attacking us for the seed! Hope the videographer gets it all. But really, shuldn’t the kids get it the worst? Shouldn’t the parents be among the chuckers, not the chuckees? (Spell check is loving THAT!)

Bonnie – I had antics? Really? And yes – we still (STILL) gotta do lunch. Is there a shot for antics?

Anyhow. Been busy as all get out lately. Work especially. Seems that 10 – 11 hour days are the norm any more. Sux muchly. Then at home? Well, invites are done & sent. We tried some dance lessons last week, to see if maybe we could add a little zing to our typical slow dance shuffle. I thought it was kinda cool, indy “wasn’t feeling it”. I think it was because the instructor said she had a good partner. Cindy thinks I hate dancing, but in reality, I only intensely dislike the ‘modern’ thrashing about like a fish on a hot tin roof. I’m much more amenable to an orderly, choreographed type of dance. NOT the Macarena, NOT the Hokey Pokey, Not the Chicken Dance and oh, puhleeze, NOT The YMCA!! I might try the Electric Slide though. Don’t ask for logic or rationale – it ain’t gonna be coming forth. At least out of MY head.

Seriously considering starting (re-starting) the bicycle commute to work. It was 41 degrees this morning at 5:10ish!! That’s warm enough to ride with just a wind breaker, if you pedal hard all the way. But (always a but) today at lunch I have (HAD by the time you read this) an appointment with Annette and tomorrow we have an appointment at 5pm with Janine for our couples stuff. It’s 15 miles from work to Janine’s office, so I’d have to allow an hour to travel & cool down. With a 10 hour work day that’s going to be rough. Then there’s the 20 mile ride home. Day light wouldn’t be an issue, but getting home at 7:30 or later might. If the weather holds, maybe I’ll give Friday a try.

Was thinking of using the photo below as a header for this blog after I learned that some of you were reading the URL as bikini-fool rather than bikin-fool. Cute photo if you’re a guy. But I have only one question. Well ok, I have two.

First, why couldn’t I have picked a template that accepted a picture as a header file? And second – I wonder why they’re not sitting?

What, no seats on those bikes?

What, no seats on those bikes?

Good thing they have fenders too.  Wouldn’t want to get sand in those crevices, right Q?


2 responses

  1. Q

    I had a better image than that for your biking/bikini blog on my old PC – wish I could access it for ya…

    I figured you would have birdseed everywhere if you were helping to assemble the pouches of it.

    April 16, 2009 at 9:52 pm

  2. I wouldn’t sit either, if those bikes were rentals…

    April 18, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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