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Inching Closer

Days 1688 and 1689

Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve posted here. In truth, I’ve been busy as all get out. Between work and home life, there’s barely time to get in a solid 7 hours of sleep every day.

Thursday was the last day of bowling for the season. I’m a little disappointed in that, but it’ll be nice to have Thursdays open again for a short while. Leaves me time to hit up another Al Anon meeting too. But!! Being the last time bowling for 5 months, I took advantage of the opportunity and managed to video a couple shots of the three of us in action. Unfortunately, of the 5 shots we video’d, only one resulted in a strike (by the youngest no less) and I got to show off by picking a split. It was also quite an eye opener! It’s very weird watching your self do something that you’ve done seemingly forever. As least to me, it looks NOTHING like I have pictured it in my head. Personally this just provides all the more reason to never produce a self inflicted sex video. There is no way it could ever look as good as one imagines it to.

Aaaaaaannnyhow. I’ll need to do a little editing, but bowling action videos ought to be along soon.

Saturday was Jill’s wedding shower down in her home town. She and Zach arrived down there Friday night. Cindy was leaving our place late morning, planning to arrive there 12:30ish with a family friend and two SIL’s in tow. About 8:30 Saturday morning we get a phone call from Zach. He wanted me to pass along some info to Cindy – they had 3 inches of snow on the ground and it was coming down pretty heavy at the time. Welcome to upstate NY in the spring time.

I guess the shower went well. Me? I went in to work. You won’t be catching me at an estrofest like that – not willingly anyhow. Poor Zach ended up attending the whole thing along with his soon-to-be FIL who got roped into being the photographer for the day. He’s not reading this, but I still feel the need to tell him I owe him a beer or three for being brave enough to take on the task. Two guys in a Legion Hall filled with 50 or so women, half of them relatives, half of them relative strangers. No thanks.

Now the kids dining room is filled with tons of stuff that they’re thinking they want to try to not use till after they’re married. Don’t know how that works. Back in the good old days, co-habitation prior to marriage wasn’t all that common. Today? Sheesh. These two have been living together off and on for the last three years – mostly on. It’s like they ARE married, there’s only the little details with the church and state to take care of.

Saturday turned out to be a busy day for me too. Besides taking advantage of Cindy being gone so I could go in to work, I also had plans to finally move an old fridge off the back porch. We replaced our fridge last month, breaking down and getting one of those freezer on the bottom, French doors on the top dealies. Much nicer arrangement than our old side by side.

Sold the old side by side on Craigslist to a gal that actually works with my youngest brother. Small world syndrome strikes again! Fridge gal had no truck. I have only a mini-van (that was off at a baby shower). But I have friends with trucks. So I made a few phone calls and arranged to get the fridge out to her place on the other side of the city later Saturday afternoon for an additional $40. She got a deal. We had to remove the doors to fit the fridge into her kitchen, then re-assemble it once it was in place. We also hauled off her old fridge (my truck driving friend takes them to the scrap yard and nets an additional $30 in scrap value). Worst part of the whole deal was that it was snowing the entire time we were moving the fridge. It was a wet, sloppy mess, but we got it there in one piece.

Bummer of the day was for fridge gal though. She just bought the place in December (I’m thinking she’s a divorced gal getting re-established) and really wants to replace all her appliances. To that end, she’s also looking for a gas stove. Of course, I just HAD to tell her I sold our old one on Craigslist just last summer. A stainless and black model with an oversized oven that would have been perfect in her kitchen. She was bummed, but what are you gonna do? She’ll find one, just not mine.

While we were moving the fridge, I also had a batch of venison barley soup on OUR stove, doing a nice slow simmer, just getting perfect to eat. Toss in a loaf of Asiago cheese bread from Panera, add a little side salad and you have a perfect dinner for a snowy spring day.

Sunday? Lazy day. Got an offer to take a test drive at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Our Sam’s club membership just expired, so we gave it a go. Ended up buying the membership, got a coupon for $10 off our first purchase, plus manufacturers and BJ’s coupons to use over the next 60 days. We managed to match our needs to several of the coupons. Should have totaled about $20 off our tab. But! When the cashier tried to scan in some of the coupons, her scanner wouldn’t take them, so she entered a few manually. Turns out she stuttered when she entered one coupon. We were supposed to get 18 all natural eggs for free if we bought some particular bacon (we did). Coupon wouldn’t take, so she attempted to type in the amount – $3.49. Instead, her finger stuttered on the “3” key and she entered the coupon for $33.49. What should have been about $20 in savings got bloated up to just over $50. Sadly for BJ’s, we didn’t figure it out till we were home looking at the receipt. In essence, we ended up with a free membership and our first 18 eggs were also free.

Cindy had her first 1 on 1 counseling session last night. Don’t know how it went exactly. We also had our what, 4th?, couples session just tonight. It’s getting interesting. My new assignment? Keep a ‘feelings’ journal. That’s what I get for admitting to be somewhat emotionally detached. A lifetime’s worth of learning to keep myself on an even keel and now I have to get all touchy feely. You can bet I’ll be spending some time with Annette on this one. I’m also going to get the two of them (Annette & Janine, our therapists) in touch with each other.

But now I must be off to an unprofessional therapy – my regular Al Anon meeting. I’ll spend the travel time figuring out how to wedge this into the meeting. Outside professional therapy is off limits in meetings, but I an at least broach the subject in broad strokes – poke & prod a bit.

Gotta run.


3 responses

  1. Wow, I can’t believe it’s getting to be shower season for the kids already. Time flies.

    I don’t know how you manage to come out of the big warehouse stores with a dime left to your name. I finally had to give up going, as I would end up dropping some rather large bills every time I darkened the door.

    April 8, 2009 at 6:10 am

  2. Bonnie

    You never cease to amaze me! You can always bring a smile to my face just by reading about your “antics”. Always got a bit of humor in there. Thank you. Always seem to post just when I need to smile. Again, thanx. Always remember “ONWARD AND UPWARD” and you will always see some type of progress in every situation. It may not always be positive or to YOUR liking, but some kind of progress will be made. It is all part of His greater plan. Keep smiling!

    April 8, 2009 at 8:52 am

  3. Q

    I didn’t know you could stock up & buy BJ’s in bulk quantity!

    Venison, barley, & asiago? And you think I’m the one that fantasizes about food? I’ve never even had any of those!

    April 8, 2009 at 8:05 pm

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