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Day 1671 (?) and then some

So I started this entry on Friday. Didn’t finish it then. Tried to get a little more in Saturday, failed and didn’t finish it then. Sunday I didn’t even try. Now here it is Monday afternoon and I’m sitting in our rather unglorious lobby here at work waiting for the UPS guy. I had naively declared the true value of a package I am sending and now must wait for a confirmation signature from the driver. Otherwise, if something bad DOES happen to this thing, the company (and ME quite likely) will be out $50,000.

So, back to Friday:

Bowling last night was a challenge. A horrible, terrible, difficult challenge. Glad it wasn’t the last week of the season. I would not have liked ending the season on such a poor performance. Spent the whole night thinking too much instead of just paring everything down to a few key ideas. The REAL problem is I first need to throw/release the ball consistently. Armswing angle, hand position, shoulder positioning, balance – all that crap. Then, once the basic shot is correct silly details like targets can be addressed.

Skipped spin class this morning. I was up in plenty of time, I just couldn’t muster up the gumption to get my ass (and the rest of me) out of bed. Sorta sets the whole day off on the wrong foot. I might even believe that the radios I’ve been trying to calibrate today are aware of my lack of exercise this morning and are punishing me for my transgression. Bastards.

Now back to today:

Yeah, Friday sucked. Managed to get 4 radios to calibrate out of 10 or so boards I ran. Miserable. But the boss man was out, so I felt no burning desire to stay and torture myself further trying to get more done. Besides, what few boards I did get done had already shipped and there were no further shipments to go out that day. So I went home and spent the evening watching the NCAA’s. Go Syracuse!!

Saturday. Did spin class to make up for skipping Saturday. Got home and decided that it was finally time to get rid of last fall’s leaves, still laying in, oohhhh, about 7 different piles, strewn all over the yard. 15 minutes into my raking frenzy, I broke a rake handle. That was pretty sweet. Luckily, the rake was a virgin. Just bought it. So I picked up all three pieces AND the twin rake I’d picked up at the same time and headed off to Homer Despot to get something a little sturdier. Got back right around lunch time. By dinner time I had finished raking and hauling 99.9% of the leaves in the back yard.

We border on a nice little patch of woods which makes a lovely receptacle for leaves (especially the oak leaves which originated there ANYHOW!). The shortest trip I had to make to these woods was about 150 feet. Uphill. Each trip got progressively longer until finally, after 15 or 16 trips and a 300 foot one-way drag, there were no more leaves. The weight of each load was quite variable. The tops of each pile was light & dry so I could fill my 9×12 tarp and tow it with ease. The bottom of each pile was wet, slimy, packed dense and heavy. I had to be careful to not load up more than I could reasonably tow solo. There was only one time I thought it might actually pull me backwards down the slope, but some of those nasty hill climbing sessions in spin class paid off and I managed to just grunt it up the hill. My quads complained a bit later, but the dirty deed got done.

For a reward, Cindy and I headed to the Dinosaur Barbeque and enjoyed some of the best grub in the city. Even saw a lovely young thing with a tattoo on her chestal area, (No, not THAT low) that was somewhat visible in the open vee of her button down blouse. This place kinda encourages their staff to be, different, I suppose, so she was allowed to keep the artwork on display. The tat (and her chestal region) was no match for THIS:

found by Q ( (Q? What are you doing looking at that kind of stuff anyhow?) but I gotta admit, I really don’t find it offensive at all. I just wonder – what if the bike could be moved so the wheel hubs could be located a little more strategically? (Ouch!! comes to mind for one thing!). Also, at the Dinosaur? Locally microbrewed Vanilla Porter. Deeelish! They weren’t shy with the vanilla either. Can’t really have more than one or two, but man, they are good.

Enough titillation. (Couldn’t resist). Sunday was a lovely, quiet day. Cindy went shopping with my SIL and got herself a dress for Zach’s wedding. Now she’s on the hunt for all the accessories. Shoes (in a 5.5), handbag, necklace, lord knows what else. Went to Sam’s Sunday too, had a few items to stock up on. Noticed they had pork butts for $1.18 a pound! I ended up getting 4 of them. Can you say “pulled pork sammies”?!?!

Also went to our local grocer to stock up. On the way home, as we were starting back up after sitting at a red light, we passed by a local cop who for all intents & purposes looked to be heading back to base at the end of his shift (we were ¼ mile from the station and he was headed the right way) I got about ¼ – ½ mile up the road, following another car doing right around the speed limit (miracles!!) when I heard an unmistakable siren behind me. I looked up and sure enough, I was getting pulled over. I pulled over, shut the van off and started rolling down my window when I noticed the cop making a beeline for Cindy’s side of the van. I also noticed (finally) Cindy trying to slip her seatbelt on! Uh-oh. New York is a mandatory seat-belt wearing state for all front seat passengers, period.

Long story a wee bit shorter, I got pulled over, the cop NEVER asked for my license, never even came to my side of the van. Cindy ended up getting a ticket for not wearing her seat belt. I didn’t get a second look! (That’s ok with me, really) Cindy was chatting up a county sheriff at work today (he does DARE or SADD or something like that at the school) and he said she could expect to have to pay $150 to settle that ticket. It also counts as a traffic violation and might result in points on her license (even though she wasn’t driving?) There’s a state surcharge too – at least another $35. Sweet. Our own little stimulus package for the town & state. The sad irony of it all is that while Barney Fife was writing up Cindy’s ticket, I spotted two other cars where the DRIVER was sans seat belt. We get pinged for a freakin passenger going beltless. The other ironic bit? As a general rule, we are very good about wearing our seat belts. This was probably the first time in years one of us was not belted in. Typical lousy timing.

Guess I ought to post & run. Need to think about a second job to go pay for this ticket & wedding dress & geisha girl to rub down my thighs (I wish).


3 responses

  1. Q

    What kind of person buys 2 rakes at a time? I guess the kind that takes out all their aggressions with them & instantly snaps them in two (three?!).

    When you’re done with her, send her over to rub on my shoulders!

    March 23, 2009 at 9:20 pm

  2. OMG unbelieveable. I guess it’s only a matter of time – I gotta get my husband to start buckling up! He refuses unless (sometimes) we’re in Jersey. I’ve only heard of cops nabbing you after they’ve already pulled you over for something else.

    March 27, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    • bikinfool

      Normally, even around here the seat belt thing is usually only enforced after being stopped for something else. The fact that this cop (quite young actually) went out of his way to track us down, well, must be the town needs a little stimulus package.

      March 27, 2009 at 7:20 pm

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