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Wicked Weekend

Day 1666

So work is a bitch, I never get any days off anymore, there are STILL things at home that need doing in spite of work thinking that since I don’t have kids in school I have nothing to do on the weekends but work for them anymore and the radio calibrations still suck and I’m tired and cranky and have couples therapy tomorrow night on top of my Al Anon meeting and then a district meeting Wednesday and the week is shot before lunch is even over on a Monday fer cripes sake!


But there’s still bowling Thursday.

Worked (at work) a grand total of 12 hours this weekend. Made some progress, but we’re learning that we know a helluva lot less than we need to know. That leads to lots of reading, and not the “for enjoyment” kind. But after the reading, I get to play and test out what we thought we learned. Then we read some more to tery and figure out what we misunderstood. We’re really developing quite a nice pattern.

Had a good time with some friends Saturday evening. Cindy chose to drink, at least a couple glasses of wine. She certainly wasn’t falling down drunk, but speech patterns, word usage and all the physical manifestations were present. I don’t miss it. Some how, an empty pint bottle of cheap Canadian whiskey showed up in a cupboard too. I haven’t been keeping close tabs on things so I’m not sure as to it’s origins. I really can’t even say with any certainty when the contents might have been consumed. Can’t have been all in one session. Ah well. Until proven otherwise, I’ll look at this (the pint) as a one time event. A glass of wine for dinner I can’t get excited about either. A string of sloppy drunken nights though and I will be pressed to stick to my consequence promises from December’s little intervention.

Sunday. Went to see Bob in the morning. We’ve been going in the morning because he has seemed to be slightly more lucid then. Afternoons & evenings he either likes to nap or he’s really disconneted. On this particular Sunday morning, he had woken up arund 10 – only a half hour before we got there. He also seemed pretty with it, relatively speaking. It’s not like we could have a conversation about current events, but he was at least in the moment. As we were leaving, he remarked about how he thinks he’s “been really out of it” for the last month or so. I think he has an idea, but also has NO idea what’s going on. He’s not so far gone that he doesn’t realize something is going on, but he IS too far gone to even think about doing something about it.

Later in the day, after work, I ventured out to see about moving some leaves. Silly me thought that they’d be all nice and light & dessicated after the winter. The ones blown up against a fence were. The ones in the far back corner that had never been raked were. But the leaves at the bottom of the piles Cindy left behind in the fall? Still frozen to the ground. Heavy too. Managed to get about 1/3 of the leaves moved. That leaves too many.

I’m going to go haul my tired ass off to bed. Ought to sleep good. Too tired to toss & turn.


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  1. Q

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    Oh yeah, you & Beyonce, right? Mhm.

    Try not to work too hard this week 🙂

    March 16, 2009 at 11:42 pm

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