Always tweaking something!

Lucky Day

3/13/09 Day 1664

It FINALLY occurred to me that while I’m sitting here watching Syracuse battle West Virginia (hopefully not for 6 OT’s!!) that I might actually do an update here.

Work has been crazy. We (I) have a commitment to deliver some boards to an OEM on the 23rd. The equipment to test & calibrate these boards arrived Tuesday. By mid-day Wednesday I was pretty thoroughly fed up with the documentation & software and kinda kept an apps engineer from the test equipment company on the phone with me all afternoon.

Thursday went better, making progress in little baby steps. By Thursday afternoon I got frustrated with making progress too slowly (never happy) and left work on time so I could go break a few bowling pins. Team wise we had a really good night. Personally, I ended up a whopping 10 pins over my average. Had a couple bone head shots but still had a good time.

Back at work this morning, I was feeling very, very bipolar. Still frustrated from Thursday, I made a change in the operating system I felt would work. Ended up getting a successful calibration on my reference system. This is a good thing. So I trotted off to the morning status meeting with a really good report – we can calibrate. Fifteen minutes later when I tried it on one of our own boards I was greeted with the “Blue Screen of Death” as soon as I started the application. Being of stout, thick headed German stock, I managed to repeat this 6 or 7 more times before I finally bumped into the source.

By lunchtime I was back to calibrating the reference reliably. Early afternoon, I switched out our own radio for another one. Had to do some more hocus pocus with the board, but finally, FINALLY got the damn thing to run. It didn’t pass cal – knew it wouldn’t.

(Uh-oh – the SU/WV game just went to OT)

But when the new boards get here 9:30 tomorrow (yes, Saturday) morning, we’ll be able to run them.

Weather here is supposed to be good this weekend too. Might actually get some leaves moved out of the back yard. Leaves, from the fall. Still in the yard. Yeesh!

Well, OT #1 is nearly over. I want to hit up spin class, then get my butt into work for a few hours. Got friends coming over for dinner tomorrow, then I think Sunday is wedding invitation assembly day!!

(SU wins in only ONE overtime!!)


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