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Bowling Report

Day 1657

Bowling last night was a bit of a dichotomy. First game, struggled to find a line, behaved and picked all but one spare, bowled my average. As a team, we got pounded. Lost by 65. Other team had a 165 average bowler shoot a 225. End of story. Second game, I’m getting dialed in. Can actually hit the pocket with authority from time to time. Left a split that I didn’t pick, but was otherwise clean. Managed to string a few strikes here & there, bested my average by 30. As a team? Lost by 5. Other team had another 165 bowler shoot something like a 210. Nucking futz. Third game. Me? No opens. Strikes all over the place. Even my bad shots, I can feel that I’m throwing the ball well, just missing the line by a board or two (that translates to an inch or two, 15 feet down the lane – yeah, life’s tough). No opens, lots of strikes, beat my average by 48 pins. Team? Asses handed to us on a platter. Those 165 bowlers? Ganged up on us. They both shot around 200. To compound our problems, Lefty was feeling a little sickly last night and just didn’t have the energy. Normally, he averages 40 pins higher than I do (yeah, he’s REALLY good). Last night? I kicked his ass. To put some perspective on this though, for the night, I was 78 pins over my own mundane average. Lefty was 70-ish pins below his. The confluence of these events left me 20-ish pins above him. I WILL enjoy this. Till next Thursday. For the record. Lefty’s average before last night was 227.6. AVERAGE! The dichotomy bit? I did really well. 183, 215, 232. Team? Not well at all. Scratch (no handicap) we smoked the other team. Add in the handicap and we got smoked. End result is that we are progressing very nicely towards last place. I think we’re at about 19 of 22 right now. Seems like every week we run into a team with bowlers that are just hotter than a pistol. Ah well. We have a really good time, even cheer for the other team when they do well. Win or lose – it doesn’t really matter. We’re just after some fun. And a beer. I actually had a beer last night. First time in weeks & weeks. It was delicious. Here’s a dumb bit. When bowling, high fives, fist bumps, low fives – all sorts of hand touching goes on. You congratulate your own team, the other team, the team on the next lane if they make a nice shot – bowling is one place you can get some validation for doing even average things. But you know what? Lefty had (probably still has) a cold. None of us gave it a second thought. Did the happy slappy with him all night long. (That sounds really bad, huh?) Aaaaannnnyhow – betcha we all feel like crap next week while lefty will be all recovered. The whole thing was a leftist plot! Now he’s going to thump us all real good next week. It’s going to be even worse for KW (youngest brother) because he didn’t even beat lefty last night. So he’ll get murdelized next week with out the benefit of basking in the glow of temporary victory. Poor bastard! Have my supplies in hand for the artificial sweetener taste-off. Don’t know when it’s going to happen though. Have to head in to work tomorrow (a Saturday!) (&^#$@ wireless!) might try to wedge it in Sunday morning. Also hoping to get a little rain. My van is normally dark blue (Patriot Blue Metallic actually), but at the moment, it looks more gray. All from an unhealthy accumulation of road salt. Great for the roads, rough on cars and clothes. Get close to a vehicle and you get salt on you. So – rain would be nice. Free car wash. Oi – getting punchy. Better post and get to bed. Want to sneak in an hour of spin before work. Later . . .


2 responses

  1. azzweepay

    We got some pretty good downpours here today. Maybe it’ll let you have it tomorrow. It’s nice to see all the winter’s grunge washed off everything.

    March 8, 2009 at 12:55 am

    • bikinfool

      We got our rinse late evening. Was sitting here watching the Sabres game while we actually had thunder & lightning going on. Pretty awesome for March. Car look MUCH better too.

      March 8, 2009 at 7:49 pm

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