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Helloooooo March

Day 1651

I am so gad to see February go. But now we’re left with March – not one of my favorite months either. It’s an ugly month in the northeast. The snow finally recedes except for the really big piles that just get black & crusty. The exposed ground looks dead. Grass is brown & matted, debris hidden by the snow surfaces (tons of branches down this year!). The yard is littered with the signs of mole activity – frozen tunnels of mud in a crazed patchwork across the yard. Leaves missed in the fall now caught in the shrubs. Piles of deer droppings surrounding the trees they were grazing. The snow was so very good at hiding all the work that needed doing. I’m not done inside yet, but the outside is begging for attention. Luckily (?), it’ll be too cold for at least the next week, highs still below freezing, lows well into the teens. We had a bit of a teaser this past week, even saw temps into the 50’s one day.

Bowling Thursday was frustrating. First game wasn’t too bad except for two big nasty splits. Ended up just shy of my average. Second game was going really well, had a couple strikes working into the 10th frame. I must have been pressing a bit, sent the ball a bit wide on the first shot in the tenth and left an odd spare (the bucket for those familiar with some of the terms). Odd but very pickable, unless you hit just a shade too much of the lead pin and saw the damn thing off. That open cost at least 14 pins, possibly as much as 30 had I been able to strike out. Still, ended up better than 10 over average. Third game was going even better. Had string of 4 strikes (a hambone) to start then an unfortunate split, but got another string going right away. Then we got to the 10th frame again. This time, I got the ball in a little high, avoided the split but left another odd but convertible spare. But I chopped THAT one off too. Lost another 13 – 30 pins. In both those 10th frame brain farts I had we were lucky as a team and didn’t need the pins. Still. Had a decent night but was soooo close to a really good night.

Ran into a pretty cool meme – how to make an album cover for a fictitious band.

Do a Wikipedia random search : that is the band name. (

Do a Wikipedia random quotes search : the last five to four words is the album name. (

Do a flickr last seven days search : the first image is the album cover art. (

This is what I ended up with:

My results from the Album Cover Meme.

My results from the Album Cover Meme.

I did a second flickr search and got a picture of a mother nursing a baby. In a sweet, loving way, I thought it was appropriate for a title like “Middle of the Night”, but the picture wasn’t middle of the night-ish. So you get the pug instead. He’s at least cute in that “a face only a mother could love” kinda way.

Managed to stay semi busy over the weekend nibbling away at the pesky little finishing up tasks around those damnable doorways. Tonight I do one more coat of paint, hopefully that will help the new section of wall match the texture of the existing section. New walls are so much flatter, they lack the seventy billion coats of paint and all the little bumps left behind by endless passes of the paint roller. But the walls are getting close. No more bare mud, no more bare drywall. Pretty soon I’ll actually have my tool box permanently out of the house for the first time in over a year. Weird.

Went and saw Bob Sunday. Last weekend he seemed really out of it during our afternoon visit so this visit we went in the morning. True too form, he was snoozing when we got there, but a gentle nudge brought him out of it. This time, he seemed much more engaged and we could almost have a conversation. Used to be he could B.S. his way through most situations, more by telling people what he thought they wanted to hear. This lead to some inconsistencies in some of his stories – especially surrounding some of his more interesting incidents. Lately though, he’s not even fooling himself. He really does seem to have given the idea that he’ll ever lead a normal life again. His reward for that is a calmer acceptance, more of a ‘living in the moment’ rather than a “I gotta get out of here’’ desperation. While it’s sad to see the independent streak finally subside, it’s also a relief to see him settle in. What’s really weird is how quickly he’s adapted to the use of Depends. I just hope we never catch him in need of a change. Eeww.

Finally got in there Friday and filed al his paperwork too. The first two weeks were sort of on the insurance company. He qualified as being in ‘physical therapy’. After two weeks, it was apparent there was no recovery to be had so he was declared a resident. As such, he became responsible for covering his own costs. After 60 days his Long Term Care will kick in, but that only covers $70 a day. Nice, but woefully inadequate.

I gotta go put a coat of paint on a my favorite section of wall – hopefully that will be enough. If not? I’ll pray that it doesn’t get hit with the exact wrong type of light and keep my fingers crossed. Time to paint . . .


4 responses

  1. Hey B, I gotta tell you how much I admire you for all the work you’ve done on your home for the last year. There’s a part of me that has this “romantic” notion about building (contracting) a house, but I KNOW that I couldn’t live in all the chaos. Plus, I think it would cease to be cool after about two weeks. Congratulations on all your amazing efforts. Remember, spring is almost here!

    BTW – when did slides come into popular use?


    March 3, 2009 at 6:01 am

    • bikinfool

      I gotta tell you – we are running out of tolerance. We’ve always managed to have a room in the house NOT under construction – the safe zone. Besides, the work is very therapeutic. Parts are nice & physical, other parts are very meditative. Almost done indoors, then it’s time for gardening again, finally!

      March 4, 2009 at 11:25 pm

  2. Hi Brian,

    Thank you so much for the link and the tip about conversion vans. That firm didn’t have a small one available but I’m heading in the right direction at last.

    Best wishes x

    March 3, 2009 at 6:49 am

  3. Q

    I stole your meme!

    Gardening? Yuck.

    March 5, 2009 at 12:10 am

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